a Hilary Weeks Concert & a Clicker

Anybody recognize this cool lady?!?

Yesterday I got to go see a Hilary Weeks concert at Cherry Hill. If you aren’t familiar with Hilary Weeks CLICK HERE! Hilary is a fantastic LDS singer and she is super funny. It was the biggest concert Cherry Hill that I think they have every had and I got to sit on the 3rd row! We got to talk to Hilary before and after the concert and I have to say it was probably the best concert I have ever been to. (Though I haven’t been to many.)
She told a story about how she had heard that you think on average 300 negative thoughts a day. She wondered if this was true. So she went and bought herself a clicker and started clicking every time she had a negative thought. After about a week she noticed that she started to feel really depressed and realized that it was because she was focusing on the negative things. She wondered if she could sway her thoughts in the other direction by clicking her positive thoughts. By clicking her positive thoughts she started to have better days and was in a better mood. She was selling these clickers after the concert and my dad bought me one. So far I’m at 169. I noticed today that it really changes the way you think about things. It makes me want to find things to be happy about so I can click it. So if you’ve seen my lime green thing hanging on my wrist that’s what it is. Click on this clicker to read more about it.

Sound check

Before the concert
After the concert

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