Sunday Thoughts

I love Sunday
Between the boys hydrating their skin with lotion, laughing because we are just so halarious, catching feathers, and sharing piontless stories from our week, we sometimes have spiritual experiences at church.
Actually, Sunday school is the best! I absolutly love it. Probably because we have that one cool teacher (the same one I had when I was 11) that makes all the lessons realy fun and doesn’t just read out of the book. He relates things to our own lives (like that time we went to Antalope Island on a raft with Ramam Noodles…haha best lesson EVER! I will never think about Nephi building a ship and not think about that).
So today we talked about how we are missionaries at all times. we are ALWAYS on the mission field. Even at church. People will always be watching and following our example. We need to be living our lives to the best of our ablilities. Don’t be afraid of sharing your beliefs with the world. You are a daughter (or son) of God and we should be doing our best to help our siblings get back to him. There will be times in our lives where we will feel promptings. Thoes promptings could be switch points in our lives. Satin doesn’t care how he gets you, or how long it takes, all that matters to him is that he gets you. Don’t ever let him get you.
Today was fun.
Happy Sunday!

p.s. We got new Mia Maid leaders today. I will miss my old ones, but the new ones are super fun and I’m super excited!

Feel my Sunlight

2 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts

  1. Carina Jones says:

    I love Sunday School Too!!! I love everyone and all of our teachers! I don't know why people sluf but it is Pretty Amazing!
    P.S. Whit… you need to check your spelling some words you have known since you were a kid you spelt wrong. Haha but I do the same!
    P.S.S. Can I just copy your posts and put them my blog? I love them SO much!


  2. WhitneySue says:

    Yes Sunday is truly the best! Haha thanks! Blogger doesn't like to spell check things… And we all know Whitney can't spell to save her life! (maybe I should take Mr. Thompsons advise and write in Word first) And if you want to take my posts… Make sure you spell check them first!! 😀


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