A semi-nerdy post about irony

Oh me oh my!

 Today my family decided to make the trip to IKEA to get some shelves for our basement bathroom. [On our drive down we saw a dead carcass of an animal…note that.] Anyways, we got to IKEA and to our complete excitement we discovered that IKEA closes early on holidays and we drove all that way for nothing. YIPEE! So we hopped back in the car and as we left the parking lot through those dramatic IKEA flags the song Ironic by Alanis Morissette came on the radio.

 So about half way through the song, being the occasional semi-nerdy person that I sometimes am, I regurgitate the knowledge about irony that I learned from Mr. Thompson’s class. How nothing in this song is actually ironic, they are just unfortunate coincidences. I then go on to explain real examples of irony. My dad, being the kind of person he is, says “well what is the definition of irony?” I tried to explain, but couldn’t do it in a way my family could grasp the concept. We sit and argue about how to correctly use irony, and how situations why situations are and aren’t ironic. So my mom pulls out her trusty iPhone to look it up. And we get some crazy definition of irony that the human brain is not capable of understanding. (No wonder Alanis Morissette didn’t know what irony was!) My dad then goes… “Is there a layman definition?” (Then my 8th grader sister says “you mean a children’s definition?”) So she tries again and she finds this.

(Click here to go to the actual website that my mom went to!)

[Notice the dead animal carcass…HA!]

So my mom starts to read this definition of irony and can hardly get through the paragraph because all this time we have been arguing back and forth about irony. HAHAHA! So we laughed and laughed….because the ironic thing is, we were arguing about the definition about irony, so we looked it up and the definition we found says that irony isn’t important to remember, it just makes people argue.

Now that my friends is irony.

 So back to the Alanis Morissette song. As we read further through this entertaining/educating website we found this:


 HA! WIN! This fantastic website, gives the exact example that Mr. Thompson gave us, and I gave to my family. Nice work Mr. T

So, I thought about irony the rest of the way home, and when I got home I went and found that YouTube video that you watched earlier. I was reading through the comments and quite enjoyed this one.

 Actually, the song has no examples of irony. They are just examples of things that suck. However, because the song title is “Ironic” and actually contains no example of irony, the song itself is ironic. 😀

 Haha! Smart thinking there imsospecial52!

 So I hope I didn’t bore you with my “smart talk” especially since its summer. And Mr. Thompson, I hope I made you proud by proving to you that I actually did listen in your class. So now I leave you with thoughts about irony to ponder, and also thoughts about school. (Sorry!) And now I can’t help but think that school is inching closer, and closer as we speak (well…type) and pretty soon this chick is going to be in high school! AHH crazy thought. Well, thanks for reading!

Feel my Sunlight

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