Olympic Party & a Cake!!

Look what I made!
Olympic Cake
Its red white & blue inside!!
Like my apron?? I made it myself!

Hey friends! Who watched the Olympic opening ceramonies?!? I DID!! We had a viewing party with my extended family. I also made this fantastic cake! (I know what your thinking…I should deafinatly be on Food Network…..right?) It was fun! As you all know from my last post, I’m obsessed with the Olympics. The opening ceramonies where fantastic this year and I can’t wait for these competitions to begin. The Olympics always bring a sence of National pride. The Olympics bing the world together for a few moments. We put international differences aside and start fighting for the same thing. I’m so proud of team USA and I wish them all the best in every event they are competing in. I’m so excited to watch the gymnasts compete for our country. I’m so happy with our team this year and I hope we go far. I ❤ The Olympics!

Go Team USA!!!

Feel my Sunlight

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