Olympic Gymnastics

*Spoiler Alert*

So with the time change from London to here they don’t air the Olympic events live. They air them during prime time several hours after they happen. Facebook however, posts things like results and pictures as they happen. There was a warning before the gymnastics events started on Facebook saying that if you didn’t want to know results as they happen you should unlike the page, then re like it after the Olympics. I was not smart enough to heed this warning. I got on Facebook this morning and at the very top of the page it had results. And those results where shocking results.


The USA is in 1st with a score of 181.863, Russia in 2nd with a score of 180.429, China in 3rd with a score of 176.637, and Romania in 4th with a score of 176.264

(mens & womens both in 1st after prelims for team competition! Go team USA)

U.S. women individual finals
AA- Raisman and Douglas will compete in finals Raisman is in 2nd, and Douglas is in 3rd

{now this is where I was shocked! Jorden Wieber was the favorite to win gold. She was the “it girl” She has won every recent competition in the US and scored above Gabrielle Douglas, and Alexandra Raisman in every competition leading up to the Olympics. Including Olympic trials! Before prelims we all thought that Wieber and Douglas would be the two to compete. Wieber is in 4th after prelims, and because there is a rule where only the top 2 from each country may compete in finals, Wieber misses her chance at All around gold. I’m super sad for her, it broke my heart to see her tears and I just wanted to give her a hug. I agree with everything Bella Karoli said. This rule that only too 2 can advance NEEDS to be thrown out. If you don’t let the best athletes compete how can you call it the all around competition? In my opinion all 3 Americans should advance to finals. My heart breaks for Wieber, but super excited for Raisman, because nobody thought she was going to have this chance. Good luck girls!}

Here are the U.S. individual event finals (finish in qualifications):
VT- Maroney (1st)
UB- Douglas (6th)
BB- Douglas (3rd), Raisman (5th)
FX- Raisman (1st), Wieber (6th)

So there’s a different outcome than we all expected. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the competition turns out!

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