So here’s my tumbling rant from tonight. You probably don’t care all that much, but this is a blog about me right? So I will right about me, and tumbling is pretty much my life.
 I’m stuck. I’m stuck on a silly thing that I’ve already fixed. I worked and worked, and then I got it! But then I lost it. I’m frustrated with myself, and my coaches are super frustrated with me.  And since I can’t get my body to cooperate with my brain I get to work drills over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over……….. And over again! I want to fix it I really do! I’ve just lost interest in this particular drill. The problem really isn’t the drill, but the fact that all my team mates are working new fun skills and I don’t get to move on from my drills. I know it will help me and I will be so glad when I get through this, but there where almost tears tonight. It’s hard when you are face to face with your coach (who by the way is leaving for a mission in a few months! I’m so excited for her!) You know you can do it, she knows you can do it, but for some reason you just can’t. (Oh! Sorry I forgot; don’t say the “C” word! If my coach heard that I would have 50 pushups!) So I’m eye to eye with my coach, whom I love dearly, and she says “I really don’t want to yell at you, because I don’t like to yell” I don’t know about you but I hate being yelled at! So I tried my very best to fix it. But not much luck. I didn’t get yelled at but I did get two disappointed, frustrated coaches and that’s never fun.  It was a hard night. But thanks to the best team mates in the world it wasn’t all bad. Thanks so much Tiger, Laquisha, and B for having such faith in me and helping me get through this. Tiger, you’re fantastic, and I’m so glad you were there tonight! 
Double mini, and Trampoline where both really fun though! My Trampoline pass is much better than it was last time I competed (hey! Maybe I will mobilize this time so I can finially move up! Last time I missed it by 2 tenths of a point…) Double Mini was a BLAST! We moved the Double Mini over to the pit! MY FAVORITE DAY! I absolutely LOVE when we get to do that! I just worked double front tucks today. Kept it easy, but really improved them.  I LOVED our burnout today! LOVED! (Not kidding!) After tumbling I decided to stay with one of my best friends who is on the school drill team, and needs to get her Ariel. It was fun hanging out with her, and some of my other team mates, and Trevor, who I haven’t seen in a long time in a more relaxed setting. I worked some skills that I didn’t get to work during class.
It was a frustrating night and there where almost tears at one point, but in the end it was alright. 
I’ve told you before, and I will tell you again, I love my team!
Feel my Sunlight

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