Fab 5 Golden Girls

Mckalya Maroney’s vault was perfect!!! ….but her bra strap was showing…. .267 deduction because her bra strap was showing! hahaha my coach is so funny! I ❤ Stick It! Look at the judges faces!!

The first time its happened in my life time. The 2nd time in history. The last time it happened was the year I was born. I will never forget the day the US Women became Olympic Champions.  These five girls will go down in history. Im so happy for all five of them, especially Jordyn. It was so good to see Jordyn’s smiles after seeing her heart breaking tears in qualifying. The U.S. women dominatied on vault. Maroney’s vault was perfect! Just look at the judges faces. They made up that deduction. But it doesn’t matter because the U.S. are just AWESOME! They fought hard the whole way through and came out on top. WAY on top! Russia was 5 entire points behind with no chance of catching. That moment in Alys floor routine when she landed that last tumbling pass and they knew they had gold was a moment that will forever replay in my head. There may or may not have been tears on my end. 
Now everybody keeps telling me they can’t wait until I ‘m part of the fab five. Flattering, but when will they realize power tumbling isn’t in the Olympics?
I can’t wait until AA and event finals.
Feel my Sunlight

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