true Inspiration "You can do it!"

CLICK HERE!!! to read something REALLY cool! It’s called the Rice Experiment. READ IT!

(Remember how my team named me White Rice?! Well use kind words to me or I will rot! haha)

So yesterday I watched Gabby Douglas take the all around gold in womens gymnastics. So proud of her and her golden smile. Her smile is contagious! I’m also proud of Aly for proving everybody that she was a contender. She finished third, but lost the tie braker, so she is ranked 4th. I’m even more proud of Jordyn Wieber and how she has been such a good sport through all of this. Seeing her in the stands cheering for her team mates compete in the event she didn’t make was truly inspiring. She said she would be the loudest person in the stands cheering for Gabby and Aly. Sure, it’s heartbreaking, but Jordyn has been so supportive of both Gabby and Aly. I want to be just like her in terms of being a great team mate. That is the true spirit of the Olympic Games.

Hey did any of you know that if you unscramble “DOUGLAS” you get “USA GOLD”  ?! Mind blown!!! It was meant to be.

Today I watched Phelps win his last Olympic medal. Phelps will always remain a ledgend, and a true inspiration to me. Another swimming inspiration of mine is Missy Franklyn. I just can’t get enough of her!

Today I watched Trampoline in the Olympics. That inspired me to work harder on my new trampoline passes, because I don’t work as hard on trampoline as I should. Now don’t you think it’s time for Power Tumbling to get a spot in the Olympics????? I DOOO! Please Oh please oh PLEASE!

Today I watched a segment on the Magnificent Seven. It was extremely inspiring! (it was so great I had to record some of it with my iPod so I could play it again later) I hadn’t been born durring the 96 Olympics but I have relived the moment many, many times on YouTube, and I have also read several of the Gymnasts books. This was a fantastic segment! And if any of you missed it SHAME ON YOU! My FAVORITE part was when Bella Koroli said this (talking about Keri Strug)

“This is a proof to me. That everything on earth is possible. This is a living proof that every child no matter be calling her the little baby or the little mouse, she can come out with the greatest, most courageous performance of the time when everything is on the stake.” -Bella Karoli

I was sobbing by the end of thoese words. Sobbing. (I know, I know, I’m a sap when it comes to inspirational sports stuff) I was sobbing because there have been times recently when I’ve felt like others don’t believe in me. These words made me feel like I can do ANYTHING. I may be the smallest, and not the most tallented, but I am willing to work the hardest. Like Bella always says “You can do it!”

another thing that has helped me get out of this slump are the words my coach Jake posted on our teams facebook page. He said:

The truth is that the difference between good tumblers and great tumblers is very, very small. Tumblers who can flip, whip, spin, and double up, are a dime-a-dozen, but tumblers who have the uncommon level of desire to become the best are very, very rare. You have to be willing to do things that other tumblers aren’t willing to do in order to separate yourself from the competition. Because it’s those things you choose to do when no one else is watching that will make you stand out from the crowd. The words “I CAN’T” are never spoken, and are never thought. When the going gets tough, these individuals persevere through the pain. When passes become nerve racking or scary these individuals push past the fear!!! As coaches we can teach you skills, but we can’t teach you heart or passion. YOU AND ONLY YOU can find this! THINK BIG!! and you will be one of the few on top!!

(Jumbolia is his food name we gave him on Wednesday) Don’t those words just make you want to go do something fantastic?! I thrive off of this kind of stuff! This is what motivates me. These are the things that make me feel invincable. I can’t wait to get to the gym in two weeks after Girls Camp!!! (I’m still dissappointed that Girls Camp fell on the same week as Tumbling Camp! I’m so sad I can’t be in Logan with my team tumbling every day! But there will be others.)

I can’t wait to watch Womens Trampoline tomorrow, along with the last of the swimming events. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE the Olympics?? Well I do…. A LOT!

Feel my Sunlight

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