day three. {4th year hike, & girls camp}

day three. Wednesday




Me, Katie T, and Keara before our final hike.

My pack, my not so new looking shoes, and Fred the Flamingo.
We started the day early. We ate breakfast, and we packed up camp. We had a devotional and we discussed how this hike relates to our lives. Its often darkest before the dawn. In life you half to set goals. You have priesthood leaders to lead you where you should go, and they will not lead you astray. With God you can do all things. There where many other things but It would take forever to write it all. After the hike we got ready to set out on our final hike. 2.8 miles. 
Me and about seven other girls decided that we where going to run the last 2.8 miles. With our packs on our backs. We called ourselves the beastie girls. We figured it would be better just to book it and get it over with. The first day they told us that there would be a time on this hike when you thought you couldn’t go on. They told us we would have to pray hard for got to help you get through it. I have to say I made it through the first 2.8 miles without that feeling. I made it through the 15 mile day hike without that feeling. I figured I was a just a fantastic hiker. I decided to joined the beastie girls on their little run. it was the hardest “run” I think I have ever done in my life. We didn’t actually run the entire thing, but we ran whenever it was flat, and speed hiked through everything else. We took no breaks except for the short water fill up in the spring (we call it heaven water) The time came when I felt I couldn’t go on when we where running towards the last hill. The hill wasn’t huge, but I was already exhausted, My whole body hurt, and the girls in front of me didn’t stop running when they reached the hill. I said a prayer that I would make it up the hill. I said a prayer that I wouldn’t fall behind. I said a prayer to my Heavenly Father to give me strength. I made it up that hill. It was such a great feeling, but the greatest feeling was when I first caught sight of the cars. About 1/4 mile before we reached the cars I started to feel my gluts hurt (I have strained my left gluteous, or in other words my butt, 5 times) I said another prayer then that I would be able to make it the rest of the way with everyone else, and that I would have the strength not to quit. When we made it back to the cars I felt like crying because I was so happy. We sat down on the side of the road and waited a good 45 minutes before anyone else got there. When everyone else arrived we hoped in the cars and drove to Lake Lyman. We got out of the cars right before we got in to camp. We put on our packs and walked into camp. Everyone was lined up on the road cheering for us and giving us hugs, and congratulations for making it.
The treat bucket!

The rest of the day is kind of a blur. I was exhausted and really had no energy. Lauren (the only other 4th year from my ward that went on the hike) and I kinda stuck together and didn’t really want to do anything. Lauren’s sister had forgotten to pack any of her stuff, so she only had her backpacking stuff, and my family had forgotten some of my stuff. Both of us where crying at one point in the day. We sat out most of the activities, and games. It was frustrating when everyone was like “come do yoga with us!”, and “go help make up the skit!” to me (and I imagine Lauren too)  it just sounded like “we don’t care that you just hiked/ran 20 miles, we don’t care that you just want to sit, we don’t care that your whole body hurts!” I know they where just trying to be nice, but I didn’t want to talk to anyone, all I wanted was a shower, and our ward was no help. So Lauren and I sat out skits and watched, then after skits we went and found Trisha and asked her about showers. I’m so thankful for Trisha! We took our showers. It felt so great to be clean! I may or may not have used the flushies too…Shhhh! don’t tell!… I kind of avoided people for the rest of the day. I kinda stuck with the 4th years and avoided my ward as much as I could. I was so excited to get to bed. I had the best nights sleep I had had in a while.


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