day two. {4th year hike, & girls camp}

day two. Tuesday

a day I will never forget
The waterfall

We got up and I ate a bagel. (I know, exciting right?!)
My friend, Kaylee, had gotten sick in the night and didn’t know if she could make it all 15 miles. She had been throwing up in the night (I know you where dying to know that.) The priesthood holders gave her a blessing that she would be able to make it the entire way. If I was in her position I would not want to attempt the 15 mile hike. But she set out with faith with the rest of us.
The hike was long. It wasn’t too bad for the most part for me, but it was so hard for some of the other girls (like the one who was sick).

“you will find you are your strongest when you bend down to pick someone up.”-Meg Johnson

I kept thinking of this quote over and over while I was on this hike. I knew I had to be a motivator. I had to help the other girls. I hiked with Kaylee almost the entire way. I found that when you tell others that they are doing awesome, you start to believe you are doing awesome yourself. Every time someone asked me how I was doing I replied with “I’m fantastic!” And I was! (Katie asked on the hike “how’s life?” I replied “my life is fantastic!” She thought I said “my life is hectic!” It was kinda funny.)
I hiked with Trisha Green (yes, my favorite sewing teacher), and Kaylee almost the entire way, and we discussed everything

from the hardest thing about being a teenager, to our favorite vegetable. Talking to these two made me really rethink some things, and get excited about the future. It gave me the strength, and the mindset for starting high school. Because life as a teen in our day is hard. And we need to be strong. 

Bob’s Lake. Our destination. Every single person that started on the hike made it. Every. single. one. I know that there where times when angels had to carry the girls. We kept calling Kaylee our miracle because she had the faith to try, and by the time we got to the top she was feeling tons better. We made it to Bob’s Lake, and that was such a great feeling. We took off our shoes, and soaked our sweaty toes in the freezing water. It was such a great moment. 
The hardest part of the day hike was the giant hill we had to climb before we reached our destination. This hill was huge (well lets face it, it was a mountain.) We decided that 

“it’s always darkest before the dawn.”

The hardest hill was right before the triumph. In life that is often true. In in times of the hardest trials you just half to keep going, because as soon as you get through it you will be stronger, you will be wiser, and you will realize the reason for your trial.
Me and Katie T. with our socks and flip flops!

After Bob’s Lake we made the descent down the mountain. We hiked down that mountain like we had wings on our feet. Taking almost no breaks, and speeding through as fast as we could. We made it back to camp in what felt like record time. We where so proud of our selves. As we where walking through the meadow with our camp in sight Kaylee said to me “Whitney, I’m proud of you.” and I replied with “I’m proud of you.”

We got to camp, took our shoes off. (this was the very first time I sported the socks and sandals look. And let me just say, I LOOKED HOT!” haha) We then ate dinner. I had Mountain House Chicken Al A King. It was DELICIOUS!! I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t taste as good at home, but it was a ridiculously yummy backpacking meal. 
After dinner we talked, Sang our awesome Amazing Grace song (not the one you are thinking) and played some more games. We had a devotional and testimony meeting. It was such a fantastic spiritual night. Sister Greens words ring in my head. She said that 

“In our hardest times in our lives, I want you to remember these moments. Remember that time you hiked 20 miles, and lived out of the things you carried on your back. Remember that you can do hard things, but through the strength of the Lord you can do all things.” 

Bob’s Lake


Bob’s Lake
My dirty shoes…EW! They smelled as bad as they looked!
Fred the Flamingo! We found him outside our tent one morning! Every Tent had been flamingoed! Ours was the best because it was zebra striped!

Bobs Lake

Marissa, Katie f, and Katie T.


Bob’s Lake
Madie, Marissa, and Shavini
Bob’s Lake


Bob’s Lake

Trisha Green, Kaylee, and Katie

Lauren & The Meadow

This was one of the most fantastic days of my life. A day I will never forget. I am a much stronger person because of this hike. I would do it again in a heart beat!

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