crossing the Delaware

I french braided my cousin Spencer’s hair today while we watched the closing ceremonies. Haha isn’t it cute?!?

Today was a normal Sunday. I saw mama Loureiro at church today. That was kinda weird. I said hi to her and talked to her for a minute. (she was their for a missionary homecoming in our ward.)

Did you guys get sick of girls camp posts? because I did. That’s why I just stuck with pictures for the last few days.

I got my schedule for high school yesterday. HIGH SCHOOL! This is actually happening. This little girl is going to be in high school in 22 days! And I am going to be 16 14 days after that! Crazy stuff!

Today was the last day of the Olympics! I absolutely LOVE the Olympics! I’m kind of an Olympics fanatic. While we where watching the closing ceremonies I french braided my cousin Spencer’s hair. Then he pretended to cross the Delaware. haha it was funny!

GUESS WHAT! I start work at Bowmans on Thursday! (as a facer) AND I start coaching again on Tuesday. I’m quite happy about this! And I’m really glad I will have some $ soon!

Sorry that was kind of a post about nothing.

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