We are at war

We are fighting a war here. This war isn’t fought by actors and actresses on a screen. This war is fought by you. This isn’t like any other war. It isn’t fought with guns, or swords. There isn’t a uniform to symbolize what side you are on. The winner doesn’t get a medal, or a purple heart. The hardest part is that we can’t see who where fighting. The enemy won’t be seen. This is a battle between good an evil. Between light and dark. The battle will be difficult. You will have to fight harder than you ever have in your lifetime. The enemies goal isn’t physical death. He seeks a more powerful death, a death that cannot be overcome in the afterlife. He seeks spiritual death. Because he knows that is the only way he can make you as miserable as he is. We already know who is going to win, the real question is; what side will you be on when the war is won?

-Whitney Reid

Feel my Sunlight!

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