Work & a nationals sleepover

After today there are exactly two Saturdays until school starts… TWO SATURDAYS! And do I have a SINGLE new thing as far as school clothes?? NO. And I still owe my parents $ for EFY… So now I am working two jobs. But hopefully I will have money soon.

I never told you about my Nationals sleepover! So here it is!

On Tuesday I was at work at 4:00 to coach. I worked my two hours, then I had the choice to either go home and come back, or stay. I chose the later. I helped Teri with her crazy class (It used to be my class a few months ago.) then waited for her to be done coaching. Then we hung out for a few hours until the rest of the team got there at 9:00.
When everyone got there we had war. By this I mean we took sticks (made out of foam) an wracked each other. We also threw things like mats at each other, an tried to throw each other in the pit. We played tag for a bit, then B, and Stir fry went to go read scriptures upstairs. After a few minutes Teriyaki and I went to join them. We read the last few chapters of Helaman. Anedy, Eden, and Brinna (the little girls) came up and listened for a bit. It was awesome to read scriptures with my teammates. We joked that pretty soon we will have a big “CTR”, or “Mormon Tumblers” painted on the wall, after all, we already prayed at Nationals as a team. Haha! When we where done the older kids went and discussed lots of things with Jill while the little ones played. From leotards, to fundraisers we talked about it. (want to know a secret?! Levels 8+ are getting blinded out Leo’s this year! An they are WAY cute, Ive wanted to get one for forever. The only downside… They cost over $200!) after that we played some more games, and ate tons of junk food that our coach bought us (haha yes I said coach.) until after 1:00am. Then we started stick it. We where going to watch it with the projector, but the tv we had didn’t have a DVD player. So we put it in Jills laptop, stacked it up on mats, and crowded around it. I was hard to hear, but most of us ha it memorized anyway, so we just quoted the whole thing. We fell asleep around 4:00 am. I slept on the X mat on the tumble track. Not the best place to sleep in the gym, but it was fine for the few hours of sleep I got. We got up around 8:30 and ate donuts for breakfast (again bought for us by our coach… Haha) we talked for a bit, and headed home around 10:00. I came home and read all day. We had tumbling at 6:00. And let’s just say everyone who was at the sleepover was delirious, and exhausted. We had fun though, and out coaches where nice to us and gave us easy burnout for a day.

I had so much fun and cant wait to do it again next year!

Now I’m off to work. Wish me luck!

Feel my Sunlight

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