Sunday thoughts… And some tears

Holy emotional Sunday…

So today they released our young women leaders. It was sad. (I wasn’t too attached to the Mia Maid leaders because they just recently redid the Mia Maids, & we already had to say goodbye to our other ones.) But it was really hard to say goodbye to the other leaders. I have some great leaders and some great memories with them. And I think it’s kind of cruel that they released them right after camp. But I’m excited about the new leaders & can’t wait to get to know them!

So today there where some tears at church. During young women’s we basically had leader testimony meeting starting with Lori and going through all our old leaders. I cried. A lot. (I’ve always thought of myself as not a cryer… And I’m not… But recently I’ve learned about myself that I’m not a cryer unless I have to say goodbye… In that case I’m a bawler.)

So, after we heard from all our old leaders our new leaders bore their testimonies. I am excited to get to know them!

So in the middle of all this the young men walk into the room (and of course we are already all bawling and thinking “why today?”) So the young mens lesson was on appreciating womanhood. They where going around and finding their moms, and each of them told their moms how much they loved them, and how much their moms mean to them. It was so sweet… And I cried some more.

You always hear (or read on pinterest) that “the best way to see how a guy will treat you, is to look at how he treats his mom.” the whole time I’m thinking “they will be such good husbands!”

So after that we cried some more & had to hug our leaders and say goodbye. It was hard. (I realized people always tend kiss my head… Always my favorite people, and always like the top of my head… Is this just because I’m short, or do people do this to everyone? But I know when they Do it means a lot to me.) So we said goodbye, and I came home and cleaned my room for hours while listening to all my EFY music on replay.

I’d just like to say thanks to my leaders. You’ve been great to me an you have taught me so much these last few years. I have some great memories and will never forget them. You are such great examples to me. Thank you so much for all you have done. I love you!

Feel my Sunlight

P.s. guess who is close to finishing their personal progress??? This girl!

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