The power of prayer

#14daysuntilidie  <———– The hash tag back to school countdown. 

So Id just like to tell you how much I love my Sunday school class. We have so much fun in there. I was just thinking about how great it is. And I hope you’re all jealous now. Because it’s just that great!

So today I worked (coached) and it wasn’t too bad. My kids listened pretty well and that is always a plus!

So I think I have mentioned it before, but my coach, Ashlie, is going on a mission, and she is leaving in about a month. I’m excited for her, but we will miss her dearly. One of my Teammates & Ashlie’s best friend, B, just told us (even though I’ve known for a while) that she is moving in two weeks. I am Extremely sad about this. Though I know I will still see her, I want her to stay here. I don’t think she realizes how much she has changed the gym, and the team for the better. 

So several months ago I had some team mates that wern’t making great choices in life. Truthfully, they where horrible decisions in my opinion, and I could literally feel the spirit leave when I was at tumbling. I didn’t know what to do, Tumbling is such a huge part of my life, but I knew I didn’t like the feeling I got when I was there. I started to pray to my Heavenly Father. I thought about one of my younger teammates. She is the youngest to compete with the upper levels, and I felt like I needed to be better friends with her, so she didn’t have to listen to some of the conversations. We became buddies, and she started to talk more to me. 
The feeling I got at the gym was still pretty bad. I prayed some more. For a while nothing happened, and I was seriously wondering if I would have to quit. I knew I could not continue coming to a place where I could not feel the spirit. I prayed a lot. Then things started to change.
One day I came to the gym, and one of my team mates that was making these not so great decisions had quit. The other team mate now had no one to talk to about her not so great desisions, so the conversations got better. That was an answer to my prayes, I had no idea that this same prayer would continue to be answered in ways I couldn’t immagine. 
B joined us, and B isn’t afraid to share her testimony with anyone. Over the past few months 1 o my team mates has gotten baptized, and my coach, Ashlie, moved in with B. one day Ashlie told us that she was going on a mission! We where a little shocked, but so excited for her! She has since gotten her call to Santa Rosa, California. Now the conversations that where happening in the gym where polar opposites from what they had been several months before. On our Nationals trip B planned a temple trip to go do baptisms. It was such a neat experience, and I’m so glad we did it. Durrin our stay in Cali for Nationals B would say things to us like “remember who you are! Choose the right!” things Mormon mothers often say to there kids. At Nationals before any of us stepped out onto the floor for warm ups our whole team got in a circle and said a prayer. That was such a great moment for me, knowing what the gym had been like about a year before. How this never would have happened If B hadn’t come to the gym. The Nationals prayers didn’t stop there, there where many more prayers said throught the week, and in weeks to come. From me they where mostly prayers of thanks. 
Since Nationals things have just fallen right into place. B got one of my teammates to read the scriptires, and go to church, to get on his way to a mission soon. She gave another team mate a book of Mormon. And this last week at the sleepover we read scriptures. AT THE GYM! The feelings I have in the gym now, are polar opposite from what they used to be. We have joked that we should just paint a giant CTR on the wall and write “Mormon Tumblers” on our leotards. 

Looking back on this whole experience I know B was an answer to my prayers, and I’m so sad to see her move, but I know she will be back, and she is probubly being called somewhere else, to fix something that she doesn’t even realize is brocken. 

B I you ever read this I just want you to know I love you and you have no idea the impact you have had. Remember who you are and choose the right! We will miss you ❤ 

Feel my Sunlight

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