All grown up

Today was an all grown up day. It made me feel old, mature even. I went to the high school with one of my friends, to get our pictures taken, and to find all of our classes for the year. It was fun seeing lots of old friends I haven’t seen all summer. We were in awe at how huge the high school is compared to our little junior high. We wandered around the halls for a few hours, and I think I finally got the hang of it, after getting lost, and turned around a few times. Then after we toured the school I drove my friend home. I! ME! Yes ME, I drove! (Have no fear, my mother in the passenger’s seat) That in and of itself makes one feel old. Then I drove to the post office to drop off some books, then to work. WORK! It was my third day at work. It was good. I contemplated how I am old as I was facing the shelves. So there you have it. That little girl that was scared to cross the street until she was seven, and was the shyest person in the entire universe (I’m no longer shy) Is now going into high school, and working two jobs. This is crazy stuff. Even I think that!
Feel my Sunlight
P.s. So I miss homecoming by 3 days! 3 DAYS! I turn 16 14 days after school starts, and 3 days after homecoming. And am I going? Nope! 🙂 It wasn’t that hard of a decision, mostly because I haven’t been asked yet. But if I do get asked, I’m proud to say I will not go. And that was my decision, not my parents. 🙂

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