Good nights at the gym

I love great nights at the gym. When the tumbling is great; your having fun with team mates, and coaches; and you are hitting new stuff, and fixing old mistakes without frustration. Tonight was one of those nights.

Now if your not a tumbler, this next part that I write will probably go strait over your head. You can skip it if you so desire.

So today I started on double mini with Teriyaki, and Stirfry (an my nickname is white rice… We sound like a Chinese meal together! Haha) I am so excited for double mini this year! I connected my spotter tuck, tuck barani for the first time! I was super excited about that! (I just barley connected spotter tuck, front tuck last week) on double mini I did my 3/4 back to Cruise. I just got that last week and it’s getting better. I also got my strait barani better on tramp. On floor I rocked the one turn of whips I got, and rocked skills. I fixed some of the mistakes I’ve been making recently, and my coaches are happy with me. I did a ton of fulls and am slowly working towards getting them high enough for doubles for next year. I worked stuff into pit for the first time in a few months and that felt great, until I hit bottom because the pit wasn’t fluffed. Then after tumbling we had a long parents meeting about stuff I already knew.

Today was a great day and I had a blast with my team mates, and coaches, and everyone seemed to be in a great mood. I wish every workout was this great!

Feel my Sunlight

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