I like to eat perfume.

Whoa! Don’t post for a few days, and you feel like you’ve disappeared from the blogging world. Not that anybody noticed I’m sure. So this is our last week before school starts. Ahhh! I haven’t bought a single new piece of clothing. I know that doesn’t sound like me right? well, my school clothes money that I usually get from my mom went to what I owed her for EFY (and oh so worth it!) I haven’t gotten a paycheck all summer (I get payed this week & next week!) So I have been tentative about spending what little money I do posses. I have been shopping a few times, but haven’t bought any clothes. Although I have bought a few other things.

 Yesterday was my little sisters birthday and she wanted to go shopping. So we went to this store and we where smelling the perfumes. I held the little tester bottle up to my nose to smell it, and I accidentally pressed down on the little nozzle. I sprayed the perfume right into my mouth. Needless to say perfume….tastes DISCUSSING! we laughed and laughed, and I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for a really long time. The funny thing is, I ended up buying the perfume.

So today (as I was wearing that perfume) my friend Carina and I where assigned to teach the lesson for Mia Maids and Laurels. (we combine a lot because we have so few Laurels.) We didn’t know until today that we would be teaching Beehives as well. So Carina and I taught a combined lesson. Can you guess what the lesson was on? Dating! funny thing is neither of us have ever been on a date! haha but it was good and I think we did an okay job.

So there are my two funny stories form the week. Hope you liked them!

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