I love my team!

I just can’t get over how much I love my team. We just have so much fun and love to support one another. The feeling you get in the gym durring workouts is just great. We yell and cheer for eachother in the gym, as well as at meets. And we don’t just do it sometimes, we do it all the time. It motivates you to do your very best when you know you have a whole team cheering you on. And I know I tumble better when I hear “you got it whit!”, and “get after it!” from my team mates behind me. And the very best feeling is when you land something hard and you can hear the cheers from everyone. I can tell a difference in the gym. We have become best friends. We have become a gym family.

Tonight was just fantastic! The feeling in the gym was spot on. Everyone was hitting and we worked hard. One of my team mates did her double tuck for the first time on floor tonight. We all stayed after class to cheer her on. It was great and we are so proud of her! Good job Cid!

I’m going to the temple tomorrow with B! (one of my team mates) and I can’t wait!

Feel my Sunlight

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