Happy 40th Jill!!!

Hey fans! (haha I mean mom…since I think she is the only one who reads this blog.)

So remember when I said B and I planned a surprize part for someone? (if you don’t click —> HERE)

So today was my coach, Jill’s 40th birthday. Jill owns the gym that I like to call home. I have been with Jill for a long time. I was on her first comp team. I have stayed with her every time she has moved buildings. From that tiny little place where we tumbled on pannel mats, to the time we moved in to stroops, and joined Lance, to the time we moved into the gym we now call home. Jill has been a great coach. She has taught me so much over the years. From the time I walked into her tiny gym for the first time, to the time she hired me as a coach, to my first National Championships, to where I am today.

So B and I went to the temple on Tuesday and while we where driving we came up with the idea to deck out the gym with black balloons, posters, and streamers. We called everyone. I made a big card for everyone to sign. Her husband got a cake. Yesterday we decorated the gym. (sorry I forgot to take pics. I know….bad blogger!) When she walked in the first thing she said was “who decorated?!” I stelthfully walked away with a smirk of guilt on my face. We sang happy birthday and ate cake (well, actually the upper levels didn’t eat cake because if you eat cake right before a workout you will get sick.) Last night was a blast and everyone tumbled great and worked hard. I guess that was our birthday preasent to Jill.


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