1st day of school part 2!

This is actually second day of school, but since we have A & B days we get two first days of school.

So today I started in sewing. We have a small class and I’m realy excited about it. My teacher goes walking with my grandma every morning so hopefully I can live up to everything my grandma has told her about me. Then I headed to Drivers Ed. I have a realy fun teacher who likes to tell stories so I think that will be a fantastic class aslong as I don’t run someone over! After that I headed to Algebra 2. I don’t have a lot of friends in that class, but I like the teacher so I think it will be a good class. When I have too many friends in my math class I tend to not get my work done, so its probubly better this way. After math we headed accross the streat to the park to eat lunch. We eat with almost the exact same group that we ate lunch with last year. (minus the kids that went to Davis) Its mostly the kids I did theatre stuff with and I love that most of us don’t do theatre anymore, yet we have stayed friends. After lunch I headed to honors english. I absolutly love that class! I have a great teacher that is realy fun, and I have some fun kids in that class! I have some friends in that class that where in my EFY company two years ago! I can’t wait for this class, I mean, when the only thing you talk about on the first day is Olympics, and gymnastics, you KNOW it is going to be a great class! After school I went to go try to switch my world civ class into a world civ honors class, but the secritary told me to come talk to them durring 4th period tomorrow. I realy hope they let me change it because I realy don’t like the class I am in now. So there is my reacap of the day. I am realy excited for this school year and hope it all goes well!

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. I have a realy bad cold that I think is going to be the death of me. I also have a headach at the moment. I tried to tumble tonight, but couldn’t because my head was spinning too much. That was dissappointing.

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