This is the story

Remember these super fantastic people???

If  any of you have ever been to EFY you know that the ultamate dream of every EFY participant is that their counselors will get married. My EFY company this year was not an acception.

So, my amazingly wonderful counselors (can you tell I like them a lot?) are dating. They keep posting pictures of themselves together on our facebook group like these ones.

(yes, I stole them from facebook)

Now, every time they post something all the girls (and truthfully,some of the guys) post things like “Just get married!!!:)” and “Hmmm….you two sure seem to be doing a lot together recently….just going to point that out ;)” (yes, those are direct quotes from the two pictures above)

So Braden posted the bottom one on facebook and instagram the other day, and I commented on it “scouting wedding locations??” I thought I was funny.

Now, last night I had a dream. For some reason I was just standing by the door. When all of a sudden Braden walkes in (I don’t now why I didn’t answer the door) Then he started to yell at me! This is what he yelled: “You just ruind everything! I have realy good ideas when I’m with Randi, and you always ruin them! I just wish you would stop ruining my good ideas! I’m so sick of it!” (ya, I don’t know where the whole ruining his ideas thing came from…) Then my three younger siblings came upstairs and just stood their while he yelled at me, then he stopped mid sentence and turned to point at my younger siblings and he yelled in an even louder voice “AND YOU THREE ARE NO BETTER!” (My siblings don’t even know him, and he doesn’t know my siblings.)

I laughed and laughed when I woke up and I shared this with Carina on the ride home from school today (because she is awesome, and has a car, and a licence, and likes to drive me too and from school every day, and I love her for it!) and I decided that I had to share it with everyone. And Braden, I hope I didn’t ruin any of your ideas.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Guess who successfully completed their first week of high school??? Thats right! THIS GIRL!

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