I don’t know if I’ve ever done a post on why I named my blog what I named it. So here it is!


Feel my Sunlight

So as you all probubly know, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day saints aka “the Mormons”.

I heard this talk by Diter F. Uchdorf.

Since I have made several blogs before, when I heard this I had the thought to make a blog where I could write my beliefs. So, the title of my blog came about because of  D&C 115:5, which was the mutual theme for the youth, as well as the theme for EFY. (and we all know I love EFY!)
shine forth,
That thy
May be a Standard
For the Nations.
                  D&C 115:5
It got me thinking about how I can share my light with others. It made me want to become a better person, and help others become better also. I believe that in this world we can get so caught up in our to-do lists, and our busy lives, that we sometimes forget to take a moment to stop and evaluate how others view us. Our goal is to bring others to the light, and the best way to do that is to share your light with others. It can be as simple as a smile in the hall way, or it can be as extensive as sharing a Book of Mormon. No matter what we do, people are always watching us. We need to share our light with others in as many ways as we can. We are the sons and daughters of a hevenly being, and not everyone knows it. It is our job to share that knowledge with the rest of the world. There have been so many songs, videos, and quotes inspired by this theme, and I have found so many scriptures that go along with this. Here are just a few, and my thoughts on them.
The world needs our light! We must shine for everyone to see. Make the right choices, and help your friends do the same. This song was from the EFY CD from this summer. It was one of my favorites on the CD. The time to prepare is over, the time to shine is now!


 Is there a way to safety? Is there an escape from threatened destruction? The answer is a resounding yes! I counsel you to look to the lighthouse of the Lord. I have said it before; I will say it again: there is no fog so dense, no night so dark, no gale so strong, no mariner so lost but what the lighthouse of the Lord can rescue. It beckons through the storms of life. It calls, “This way to safety. This way to home.” It sends forth signals of light easily seen and never failing. If followed, those signals will guide you back to your heavenly home.

-Thomas S. Monson

(to read rest of talk click ——-> HERE!)

I love this quote by President Thomas S. Monson! The light of Christ will guide us to where we need to go if we will just follow it. He will guide us to safety, and will protect us if we will let him.
“Wherefor, stand ye in holy places,
and be not moved,
until the day of the lord come:
for behold, it cometh quickly, saith the lord, Amen
-D&D 87:5 
We must stand in the light at all times. Don’t go places where the spirit can not be. Stand in places where you will not be tempted to give up your standards.


I promise you that within the next few days you will feel the illumination of the Spirit of Christ and the Holy Ghost in your everyday life. When you walk in the light, you will feel at that moment some of the warmth and the happiness that will finally be yours when you are welcomed home again with the hundreds and perhaps thousands of others whom you will bring with you, who have walked in the light because you did.

 -Henry B. Eyering

(to read the rest of this talk click ——> HERE!)

I know that when I walk in the light I feel the spirit stronger durring the day. If you walk in the light you can have the spirit with you at all times to help you make decisions. We need to share our light with others so they can have it too!

We are children of god and we are made to shine the light,

That which is of God is
and he that recieveth                    
                       recieveth more
and that             
groweth brighter & brighter
                        until the perfect day.
                       D & C 50:4

When we shine our light through our example, people pick up on it and begin to share their light. The army of god will continue to grow stronger until the day the Lord comes.
Did you recignize me??? This is a video from my session at EFY this year. This is how we will arise and shine forth in our lives. 
This is a three part video series by David A. Bednar. He tells us how we can recieve revalation from God. Sometimes it is imediate, but more often it is slow and comes gradually.
We live in a hard world. Sometimes we may feel we aren’t good enough, but we need to remember that we are sons and daughters of God, and he needs us to be examples for the rest of the world.
These two videos came from A Brand New Year back in 2008. I attended this performance and it made me want to go be a better person. To go and shine my light to the world.

I love this video! The world needs YOUR light. Be the best you can be, and share your light with everyone.
So I don’t know about you, but I feel like shining our light is an important thing. For me shining my light means that we need to be a good example in all of our actions. We need to keep the commandments of the Lord, and never sacrafice our standards. We need to share the gosple with everyone through our words, as well as our actions. We need to let our friends know our standards and help them keep high standards. We need to be attending Seminary, Church, Young Womens, and other church meetings, and do our best to get as much out of them as we can. We need to dress modestly, and use good language. We need to be earnestly studying our scriptures, and saying our prayers daily. We need to be friends everyone, and make everyone feel loved. We are sons and daughters of God. We have been given a light that we need to follow, and share with all the world.
Feel my Sunlight

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