Blink of an eye

So I’m sitting here at 9:56 at night. I just got home from the old people dinner dinner with the youth (mutual), and before that Coaching, and I still have mounds of homework to do. So quite frankly I shouldn’t even be on here so I’ll try to make it quick! (try…)

So I’m sitting here contemplating my 1st week of high school, and reading a blog of an EFY counselor of mine that I love dearly, and wondering where my future will take me. These last few years have come at me so fast, I’m pretty sure I only blinked and 7th grade turned into 10th. I feel like I was a beehive last week at mutual, and now I’m one of the oldest. A very wise teacher of mine told me that we would forget what happened in jr. High. I didn’t believe it, but I have found more, and more of that to be true. Though I may forget the people, and the inside jokes, I will never forget the feeling I had when I did my final theatre performance, or the way I felt about that class.

I will never forget the way EFY changed my life.

I will never forget EFY changed my life for the 2nd time.

Last year when we came to an end of summer I was NOT excited to return to school. I hated the actual “school” part (and I think theatre was the only thing that kept me sane.) This year was no different, however this year I started school with a different attitude. I was going to start school wether or not I liked it, so I might as well decide to like it. I was determined to put aside pride, and start asking questions in class (mostly math, which is my hardest subject in school, and I hate admitting I don’t understand it.) I was determined to get to know as many people as I could. I was determined to have fun. This last week and a half has proven to be a fantastic week. I prayed a lot. I have learned a lot about life. I do miss things from Jr. High (like the dress code… Yes I said dress code) and mamma L and my favorite sewing teacher. Now the majority of my teachers are crazy old men, but the enjoyment hasn’t ceased. The last three years came in a blink of an eye, and here I am facing the next three years with an open eye, and open hands ready to catch whatever life tries to throw at me. I pray that I will catch good things, though I know it cant all be sweet, so I pray that I will be able to swallow the bitter and become stronger because of it. I pray for help with school work, I pray for my team mates, I pray for success in tumbling, I pray for my friends, I pray I will be strong, I pray that I will be a good example, I pray that I will be safe, I pray that I will have a good day. I pray that I will succeed. But mostly, I just pray.

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