Lancer Pride

Last night was our high school homecoming game. I went with some of my Junior friends because my Sophmore friends where lame and they all either couldn’t go, or didn’t want to. I had a BLAST! We went to Carinas house before and colored our hair, painted our faces, and ate food, then we went to the game and It was great except for the part where the tall guy in the purple shirt stood infront of me…. The downside of being 4 foot 9. Layton won and we headed to Burger Stop after. Then when Burger stop closed the lady kicked us out so we hung out in the parking lot by the drive through for a while and had a blast. Last night was super fun! Thanks for a fun night! GO LANCERS!

feel my sunlight

p.s. Yes, I did steel these pics from Carina’s FaceBook page.

p.s.s. T-3 days until my SWEET 16!!!

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