Sweet 16! Never been kissed & proud of it!

can anyone guess what today was???
Today was my



…and not just any birthday…




SWEET 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Since you are all dying to know, here is a rundown of my day. Starting with my alarm. Today was latestart so I had the luxury of having school start an hour later than usual! So I slept in, then my mom made stuffed french toast. (two pieces of french toast, with creme cheese, and rasberries inbetween!) It was delicious! Then Carina came and picked me up for school and there was a giant present sitting in my seat. Here was the process of opening it.
So it was a process to open, and it took me almost the whole ride to school. Inside was a cute scarf (that just so happened to match my outfit that I was whereing EXACTLY! tourquoise, pink, and green! haha stalker!), sweetish fish, and iTunes money! Thanks so much Carina! Love you!
So 1st period- Biology… Its great… we talked about dead things/ living things and pretty much made this once living birthday girl dead with bordom. But I talked with my friends, and they made it all better.
2nd period- Guitar! I enjoy this class. Nobody knew it was my birthday, except the cute kid who sits next to me, because I told him… yup that’s pretty much how guitar went…
3rd period! My favorite class! Can you guess what it is??? That’s right! SEMINARY! Ah I just love seminary. My friend Hannah is in that class and exposed my date of birth to the teacher. The class sang and my teacher said happy birthday to me about 64 times. (okay maybe not quite that many.)
The best part of the day! See, my friends and I eat lunch every day in the park at our bench. I eat on the ground in the nice green grass and it’s just perfect. My friends sang happy birthday to me, and my dear friend Katie brought me home made peanut butter bars!!!!! They where super duper delicious! THANKS SO MUCH KATIE!!! Love you!
4th period- Honors World Civ. So you know that class where I have to write in cursive, in pen? ya, that’s this class… But since yesterday was constitution day we where in the autatorium (which by the way just got brand new comfy seats this summer!) listening to a lawer talking about law. It wasn’t too bad and I learned a lot.
After school I came home and had an hour before work. I spent the time replying to facebook post.
At work my kids where just perfect angels! They where so good today! It was fantastic! Ah! I just love my kids when they behave! So stinkin cute I can’t even get over it!
So after work I came home and opened presents from my family. Here is what I got.
Kellogs Tour of Gymnasics Championships!!! ROW 18!!!
a desk! I finially don’t have to do homework on the floor anymore! YAY
These cute boxes full of clothes, and makeup!

I also got a darling lime green chair to go with my desk (it isn’t in my room yet, so I didn’t take a picture.

  • From Skyler I got a peace sign lanyard for when I get a car someday (haha)
  • From Danielle I got candy, and some darling earings.
  • and From Miki I got a super cute neclace to match the earings Danielle got me.
  • from my cousins/aunt & unkle I got a super cute purse
after I opened presents we headed to Robintinos for dinner. It was yummy! After dinner we went back to my house to eat cheescake. My aunt and cousins came over, then later the Daniels (also my cousins in a way) came over. Lauren and I talked, and talked, and I still have more to tell her. My young womens president came to bring me a cute necklace that the laurels made for young womens today, and to wish me happy birthday.
 My grandpa called to wish me happy birthday, along with my unkle Kenny. 
Now it is late, and I am sitting on the laptop on my new desk writing this lovely post. Pondering what music I should buy with my iTunes money, why I don’t feel any older, and basically life in general. I have one thing that would have made my birthday greater. I am actually quite bummed about, even though I know I shouldn’t be. It involves two people who I love quite dearly not posting on my facebook wall. I know silly right? But these where the two people I was most looking forward to reading. One is one of my best friends, and one is a past EFY counselor. I know silly right? But seceretly every time I get a facebook notification, I hope its one of these two people. And low and behold, nothing. But that’s okay because 61 other people have posted on my facebook wall thus far. Not to mention on my moms picture, or instagram. So I know that I am loved.
Tomorrow my best friend Carina and I are going to lunch! YAY! 🙂
So there is the story of my 16th birthday. Never been kissed and proud of it! No date planned (*wink, wink*), and I feel exactly the same as I did yesterday.
Feel my Sunlight


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