Dear, {_________} <——–insert name here

Dear mama L,
I miss theatre bunches. When people say they hate Shakespear, I laugh buecause I only have faund memories of Shakespear. And in World Civ we are studying Egypt, and Nubia, and I leave that class with “Gods love Nubia” stuck in my head, and a smile on my face. Thank you for teaching me how to memorize stuff… It really has helped bunches. I may not be doing theatre right now, but I will always be a theatre girl at heart.
Love, That short white chick

Dear writer of my favorite book,
Thank you so much for the email! It totally made my day… and my life! And thank you so much for writing. My life changed when I read your book. I have recomended it to all my friends.
Love, your favorite fangirl

Dear girl I sit next to in Math,
Thanks for being my friend, and talking to me even though we aren’t ones that would normally be friends. Maybe that’s why its fun to talk to you. Anyways, your great!
Love, The girl you sit next to in math

Dear teacher that teaches church stuff,
I absolutly LOVE your class, it is by far my favorite! Thank you so much for driving from Provo every day so that you can teach us! I have already learned so much and its only the third week of school. I always feel the spirit so strong, and wish I could have this class every day!
Love, the four foot nine inches full of wisdom

Dear mama KJ,
I read you had a not so great day today. It makes me sad to hear that! I send you virtual hugs. Just know that that week I spent with you changed my life forever. There are some people in our lives that we will never forget, you are one of those people. Love you so much!
Love, your little EFYer

Dear Varder,
I hated parts of your class, but it realy prepared me for my honors class this year. You taught me a lot, (though some of it nonesense) At the end of the year I realy enjoyed your class.
Love, Vitney

Dear Laquisha,
I don’t know if you realize the impact you have had on my life. I always tell my friends how great you are. You are always there for me. Those countless times in the gym where I got discouraged and frustraited, you where always there with encouragement. When I got to the gym and there was nobody my age, you talked to me and made me feel welcome. I miss you a lot. I hope for the best for you. Stay close please.
Love, Butch

Dear Wanna B cousins,
I love you to death! We have been through it all together. Even thoug life sometimes gets in the way, we have stayed so close. I always look forward to hanging out with you. From the time we acted ou Narnia, to the countless trips to hotels, to the Monday night floats, to the ginger bread house making I have enjoyed ever second. I know we where best friends in heaven. I can not wait for retreat for girls! I am so glad you finially got your tickets! You are the greatest! Love you lots!
Love, Whitness

Dear attractive kid I sit by in guitar,
Thanks for making guitar not so boring, and letting me use your pick when mine dissappeared. Your a cool kid!
Love, Spencers cousin

Dear Teryaki,
You are such a great team mate! You share the same dedication to the sport that I do, and I feel some people don’t get. We have so much fun in the gym. You push me to try harder, and to be better. I haven’t always had people my age at tumbling, so its great to have you at the gym! your a great friend!
Love, White Rice

Dear Mama Brady Bunch,
I love you so much! You taught me so much over that one week I spent with you this summer. You are a great example to me. I am so greatful for the opportunity I had to be in your group. I needed you at that moment in my life. I will never forget the memories of that week. Your testimony strengthened mine. Thank you for every thing you have done for me. I appreciate it a lot. (and if you and daddy Brady Bunch end up getting married, I want an invite to the reception!) Love you lots and lots!
Love, your little baby

Dear Upbraideth not,
You all have strengthened my testimony so much. I will never forget the memories we made toghether. I miss you all so much! I loved all the Nacho Libre quotes, and to this day, every time I hear something about Nacho Libre, or the Brady Bunch I think of you guys. That week was truly one of the verry best weeks of my life. I will never forget it. Please stay strong in the church. When times get rough remember the things you learned at EFY and the joy we felt that week. I love that we still talk on facebook. Even though we are separated by distance, we are connected because we are a family. Love you all so much!
Love, the shortest one was short

Dear B,
You are a great example to me in the world of tumbling, but more so in the gosple. Your testimony is so strong and you are so good at helping others to the light. My faundest memories with you are the times we went to the temple, and the time we read scriptures together. I’m so glad I had the chance to meet you, and get to know you this year. We all miss you a lot. You realy helped the team come together this year. I loved at nationals when you told everyone to “remember who you are” and “choose the right”. Your testimony has strengthened mine. Love you!
Love, your team mate

Dear Best friend,
I hope you know that I have already eaten all the sweedish fish you gave me 3 days ago…. You are always there for me. I can tell you anything. You make church so much greater. Thank you so much for driving me to school every morning. I am so glad we got to go to EFY together! We always have a great time. Love you so much!
Love, your best friend

Dear coach leaving on a mission soon,
I am so excited for you! But I will miss you so stinkin much! You have taught me so much. You have helped me get over obsticles that I couldn’t get over by myself. You push me hard, and I know you are just trying to help me be the best I can be. You are a great example to me. I look up to you a lot! Your prayers at Nationals mad me happy. Come back soon! (but not too soon.)
Love, the girl who had a hair malfunction yesterday

Dear Double Mini Coach,
I look up to you so much! I like to tell people how cool you are, and how you still tumble. You motivate me to tumble hard. You know the right things to tell me so that I can fix things. I trust you in your coaching. I always have so much fun with you. Several years ago Lance told me that I could be his next Stephanie, that was one of the greatest tumbling compliments I have ever gotten. Love ya!
Love, your little tumbler

Dear teacher that taught me how to sew, and hiked 21 miles with me,
I am now one of the top sewers. I am done with my first two projects and its only the third week of school. My teacher wants me to do these sewing competitions (I can’t remember what it’s called) You taught me everything I know, and now I’m at the top of my class. And I loved that 21 mile hike we did together. You motivated me to keep going, both on the hike, and in life. I learned a lot about my self on that hike. On the last day of school you told me never to stop because I will go far. I will never forget that. Thank you so much!
Love, your fastest sewer

Dear Stirfry,
You are so fun! I absolutly love tumbling with you. You are so good at encouraging everyone to do their best. Your testimony is such a great example example to me. You make tumbling fun! Thanks!
Love, White Rice

Dear Han-nan-ah,
You are such a great friend! You are always there for me and always care about what I have to say. I have so much fun with you. I love all of our inside jokes. You are one of my only friends that actually cares about my tumbling.

Dear Boss/coach I have had for over 6 years,
I was one of your first students, I was on your first comp team, and I was the youngest coach you have ever hired. You have taught me so much throught my life. I have been with you for a long time. You have watched me grow up from a little kid. I trust you in your coaching. I know you always do whats best for the team. You helped me get where I am today. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me! You mean so much to me.
Love, your youngest coach

Dear Aida cast,
You are the reason I put in all that work last year. You made every second special. Thanks for working so hard and making the show amazing. I will never forget it. I wish I could hug every one of you, but that would take forever. To all of you in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade this year TRY OUT! It will be the best thing you ever did. And don’t forget to dream big, it will take you far. Love ya!
Love, your student director

Daer Denaelle,
I Lov U soo mach!! U r tha bestest sista eva! I lov ar times wen we get selly end i lov oll of ar insid joks! U always mak me luagh. u ar the mostest fantabulisticful sista a gerl cuold ask fr. thnks so much fr bieng the sam siz as me so tht I can waer ur cloths nd shues (nd jewlry). Luve U! (did you like my spelling errors??)
Love, your favorite big sister

Dear Count Rugen,
My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
Love, Inigo Montoya

Dear Drop of Water,
You are such a fantastic friend! You are so smart. I loved theatre with you last year, and I love lunch with you. You always brighten everyones day. I love all of our inside jokes like eating pinapple on the cob! (yum!) I love all the delicious food I get to eat at your house. Thanks for being the best friend ever!
Love, your little white friend

Dear Niki,
You are the best cousin ever! You are so cute and so fun to be around! I love that you are a Utes gymnastics fan with me and I love all our trips to bird world! haha Stay cute! Love ya!
Love, your oldest cousin

Dear Miki,
You are the cutest little sister ever. I love that you follow me and how great of a tumbler you are. You will go far someday if you want to. Your hugs are my favorite. I love you so much!
Love, your big sis

Dear favorite hiking buddie,
We have backpacked, hiked 21 miles, and hiked all night. I don’t think I could have ever done any of it without you. You are such a great friend and I love being around you. I love that we can talk about church. Did your legs hurt as much as mine did yesterday? Mine killed! Anyways, your fantastic!
Love, your forever hiking buddie

Dear Aub,
You are such a good friend. You are one of the nicest people I know. I love hanging out with you and we really should do it more. You are so fun to be around. I think its funny that people sometime confuse your house for mine. Stay amazing!
Love, Whitness

Dear CO. student directer,
I haven’t talked to you since last year! What’s up with that?! You are so fun. I loved student directing with you last year. There is no way I could have done it without you. I love all of our running around back stage, and all of our jokes about the cast. Hope Davis is treating you well.
Love, the other student director

Dear Demetrius,
I havent talked to you in a while. You where a great partner for dinner theatre last year. I loved acting with you. You are so funny and so fun to be around. Thanks so much for helping us fix those stupid poles while the show was running. You where a lifesaver! Thanks for the fun times last year!
Love, Helena

Dear Young Womens leaders from all 4 years,
Thank you so much for every thing you have done for me. You have taught me so much over the last four years and helped me learn to love the gosple. You have always made young womens fun. I am so greatful for leaders like you. Thanks you so much for every thing! Love you all!
Love, your little young women

Dear SkyBob,
You are my favorite little brother in the whole wide world! I love how you crush me with your hugs. Please oh please don’t grow up. Love you!
Love, your biggest sis

Dear psychic friend,
You are just so awesome! I have to ask…What ever happened to our long psych quote conversation? That was EPIC! You are such a great friend and I always have so much fun when I am with you. We have been friends for quite some time, and I hope we stay friends for much longer! Thanks for making me peanut butter bars on my birthday, they were truly delicious! Your parties are the greatest and I love all of the inside jokes that come out of them! Love you lots!
Love, my eyebrows are better than your eyebrows

Dear menstralteer 1,
Yes, I did just put that! You are so sweet! I am so glad you are in my ward! I love hanging out with you and you always make everyone around you happy! I love having sewing with you, and I wish you sat closer to me in drivers ed! Your birthday messages last week made my day! We really should hang more! Love you so much!
Love, one of the Menstralteers

Dear menstralteer 2,
You are just the best! I’m so glad you are in my ward, and that we are friends. You are so funny and I just love being around you! 4th year hike and girls camp was a blast with you this year (and the last 4 years). I’m so glad I have you in my life! You are an amazing person and don’t you ever forget it! Love you!
Love, one of the menstralteers

Dear Felicity,
We have been friends for such a long time! I still remember the first day I met you. The day we jumproaped together. To think that was 10 whole years ago! Crazy! You where my best friend growing up in elementary school. We have so many fun memories toghether. From the time we gave eachother the nicknames of Bob and Mr., or the time we burned our crushes names into our legs, or the time I got and american girl doll to match yours. You have always been there for me. You are so funny and so much fun to be around. Love you lots!
Love, Elizabeth

Dear Theatre friend that mamma L always made fun of,
You are a great friend! I always love talking to you. Sometimes I feel that people don’t give you the credit you deserve, and that sometimes people are rude to you when they really shouldn’t be. You really are a fantastic person. I had so much fun that first day of summer when we burnned all my homework in your fire pit. I loved all the times we went to see movies, or played night games at my house. You are so funny and so much fun to be around. Just know that I am always here for ya if you need so please stay friends!
Love, your shortest friend

Dear favorite cousin,
Ah I just love you to death! We have so many fun memories together over the years. I always looked forward to going to grandmas on Christmas Eve growing up because I knew I would get to hang out with you. I love how we would lock ourselves in the basement to talk about boys and what not. The whole BNCR thing still makes me laugh. You are so fun to be around and we really should hang soon! (dress like hobos at the mall???) haha love ya!
Love, your older, but shorter cousin

Dear last years crush,
We had lots of fun together in jr high. There was only one semester out of all 3 years that we didn’t have science together, and let me tell you that was my least favorite semester of science. You are funny, and even though we don’t really talk anymore I just want you to know that I loved spending my jr high years with you. Hope Davis treats you well.
Love, the girl who WAS crushing on you.

Dear kid that tells their mom I am a professional tumbler, and their mom doesn’t believe they have friends,
My friend has a crush on you. Ask her out.
Love, your friend that is an “awesome tumbler”

Dear Kenz,
I love tumbling with you! You are such a fun team mate, and I have enjoyed the last two years of National Championships with you! You always make me laugh. I think its funny that we saw eachother at Robintinos on my birthday. I can’t wait for this comp season with you! Love ya!
Love, Whit

Dear Mom and Dad,
So I guess I should do one for my parents…since I have done one for every other person that I know. Mom I love you so much! I don’t think I could have asked for a greater mom. You do so much for me. I love that we both love designing rooms together. I love that I have a mom that is silly and does fun things like run the grinch up the flag pole. I love you! Dad, I love you! I love that I have a dad like you in our home. I am so greatful that you hold the priesthood. I love spending time with you. I love that everyone knows you and I want to be like that. Thank you both for raising me to have the standards I do. Thank you for raising me in the gosple. I am so greatful that I have a mom and a dad that are married and that I am sealed to my family. I love you!
Love, your first born

Feel my Sunlight

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