Thankful Thursday

This post is more for me than anyone else, I just felt like I needed a reminder of what I’m greatful for.

I am Thankful for…

  1. My family
  2. My amazing friends
  3. My super fantastic teammates
  4. My wonderful coaches
  5. That I have the opportunity to tumble
  6. My job at Bowmans
  7. My job as a coach
  8. My amazing bosses at both jobs
  9. The country that I live in
  10. My awesome ward.
  11. My young women leaders
  12. My young women
  13. My cute little kids that I get to coach!
  14. That I got to meet the U.S. gymnastics team
  15. My best friend that drives me to school everyday.
  16. My best friend that carries my guitar every A day
  17. My best friend that has been my “cousin” my whole life.
  18. My tumbling best friend.
  19. That I get to eat lunch at the park everyday
  20. That I was raised in the church
  21. SEMINARY! {very best part of my day}
  22. The temple
  23. My guitar
  24. my journal
  25. all my awesome teachers
  26. The Harry Potter phanomanon
  27. Hunger Games
  28. My strong legs {thanks Steph!}
  29. EFY
  30. All the amazing examples in my life
  31. My bishop
  32. my health
  33. my iPod
  34. this laptop
  35. That I have my own room
  36. my swing bed
  37. all the John Bytheway, and Hank smith CDs and DVDs
  38. my strong body
  39. my brain
  40. naps
  41. That I haven’t had any Algebra 2 homework all year, because I somehow mannage to finnish before class gets out.
  42. My sewing skills
  43. My “shortness”
  44. The movie The Best Two Years
  45. The movie Soul Surfer
  46. YouTube {and how it lets me watch the 1996 Olympic Gymnastcs, even though I wasn’t born yet.
  47. Gymnastics books
  48. inspiring sports stories
  49. My desk.
  50. My testimony
  51. clean
  52. President Monson
  53. That Conference is next week
  54. All my EFY counselors that I have ever had.
  55. Music
  56. ^^^ or better yet, uplifting music!
  57. Sore muscles
  58. Cute boys with testimonys
  59. Tomorrow is FRIDAY {friday, gotta get down on friday…everybody’s looking forward to the weekend, weekend}
  60. The scriptures
  62. Money
  63. That I have been saved for these later days
  64. my cute room
  65. blankets
  66. earings
  67. writing {not to be confused with spelling}
  68. my dry-erase callender
  69. my scripture journal
  70. That my mom drives me everywhere
  71. eraseable pens
  72. “quotes”
  73. cute kids
  74. Funny things that cute kids say
  75. Hugs
  76. Letters
  77. smiles
  78. words
  79. New friends that I have made this year
  80. That my Jr. friends invite me to hang out with them sometimes
  81. key club
  82. Christ
  83. That I was baptised
  84. goals
  85. friendship
  86. sticky notes
  87. USA Gymnastics Magazine
  88. Competitions
  89. Nationals trips
  90. light
  91. That I know that I can do hard things
  92. movies
  93. books
  94. inteligent conversation
  95. when people DON”T use bad language around me
  96. When people change the radio station when a bad song comes on
  97. when people listen to what I have to say
  98. When people make an effort to become better friends
  99. this blog, and all who read it!
  100. Love

So there you have it! 100 things that I am greatful for. I feel better now.

Feel my Sunlight

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