Day 8

In case you are just jumping on the train here, and are wondering what the “days refer to” I am doing the 30 days of Thanksgiving, all thanks to the inspiration I received from my awesome friend Hannah {she has a great blog! after you are finished reading mine, read hers HERE} So it is day 8 and I am having a hard time deciding what I should write about, not because I can’t think of anything I am thankful for, but because I am having a hard time picking just one. So I think I will do two today. Because we can always be more thankful right?

So first I am thankful for the song Home by Phillip Phillips. I know I have already done a post on music, but this song really hits home {see what I did there?!? Sometimes I think I’m funny.} It was the song they played right before I full filled my childhood dream of meeting an Olympic Gymnastics team. Yesterday I was at the gym and only one of my “upper level” team mates was there. Well, he had to leave not long in, to do homework. I was feeling alone, and I was wishing my team mates were there. I was feeling bad for my self, when this song came on. I listened to the words “Just know you’re not alone, I’m gonna make this place your home.” And it made me think “self, you aren’t alone, you may not have anyone older than you, or at a higher level than you here right now, but you have a coach, and you have younger kids around you. Don’t let this affect weather or not you have a good workout.” So I fixed my attitude, and got a ton done. I did some things by myself that the younger ones didn’t do, but I know its workouts like this that make me a stronger athlete. I was very thankful that this song played last night.

Secondly, I’m thankful that I acted on the prompting to switch out of my World Civ class, into an Honors World Civ class. I went into my normal World Civ class the first day of school, and just hated it. I knew nobody, The teacher was okay, he kept talking about how we have more potential, and he is known for working with the kids who have a hard time getting good grades in school. I truly think that is a fantastic thing, however, I don’t have a hard time getting good grades, and I kept thinking “this isn’t for you.” I knew I had some friends in the other teachers class during the same period, but that class is an honors class, and I had heard that that teacher was extremely hard.. When I first thought about switching, I thought “that’s crazy! Your terrible at history! You can’t do Honors!” But the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like the best option. I prayed about switching and just said “if I am supposed to switch, let me switch, but if I am supposed to stay, make it so that I can’t switch.” I really didn’t want to have to say to the teacher that I didn’t like his class so I prayed about that and I had the idea to just say you want to switch into honors, that way you won’t have to say you don’t like the teacher or the class. I went to the counselor. Said “I was wondering if I could switch into an honors World Civ class if I could keep it the same period, and not have to mess up my schedule. {see, If you tell them you want to be with your friends the charge you $10, but if its for an academic reason, the don’t charge you. I knew very well that all my friends were in the only honors class during the same period. ha!} Se said “looks like there is a spot. let me print your new schedule” and just like that I was in honors! I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so  glad that I switched. I absolutely LOVE Mr. Conners class. I get to be with my friends, and I love the way he teaches. He is a hilarious teacher, and he makes me want to work hard, and do well at life. I’m thankful for my World Civ Class!

Sorry this post was so long!

Feel my Sunlight

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