Day 15

Felicity and Elizabeth
Emma and Whitney 9th grade
Whitney and Emma 2nd grade

Isn’t everyone proud of me for posting before 11:00?!?!?! I feel accomplished.

So today I am thankful for the amazing childhood I was blessed with. I was a shy girl {I know what your thinking….ME? SHY? shocker right?!} I was little, and innocent {still am… I promise} Life was simple, and things were perfect. Memories of my wonderful childhood just sprang on me as I started looking through the November American Girl Doll catalog that came in the mail (I have gotten them since I was about 10, and we never unsubscribed from them, because they always bring back memories.) Well, as I was looking through it I noticed that my first American Girl Doll that I ever got is now in the archives. ARCHIVES! I remember an article that was in the American Girl catalog several years ago about the retired dolls of the past, and thinking about how old the people must be that played with those dolls.


My childhood is officially over.
My first doll was Elizabeth. Elizabeth was the blond haired blue eyed best friend of the dark red haired Felicity. My best friend was named Emma… Emma had dark red hair, and also happened to have the doll Felicity. So when it came time to decide what doll I wanted I picked the blond haired best friend of Felicity, named Elizabeth. {even though my first favorite doll had always been Kit.} I still remember clearly the day Elizabeth arrived at my house. I was the most excited I had ever been in my entire life up to that point. This was greater than any Christmas present I had ever experienced opening. I opened the box carefully, and held the doll in my hands. Life was good. I ran over to Emma’s house as fast as my little legs could carry me, and rang the doorbell in utter excitement. I hid my new doll behind my back as Emma answered the door. I then said “GUESS WHAT I GOT!?!?” and pulled it out from behind my back. It was one of the greatest moments of my childhood. Emma and I played American Girl Dolls all the time. We made houses for them, and way cute Surf Boards, and lots of crazy other stuff.
I later won Kit on KSL 5. They had a contest right when the Kit movie was about to come out. The grand prize was the Kit doll, a huge movie poster, and tickets to the movie. All you had to do was email them. I sent them 60+ emails. Needless to say, I won the doll. And I took Emma to the movie with me. 
My American Girl dolls were a huge part of my Childhood, from playing with Emma, to sneaking off with my favorite cousin Aspen on Thanks Giving, and Christmas Eve to avoid the adults, and play with our dolls. Aspen and I were more obsessed than you can imagine. Every sleepover consisted of, and creating furniture, and clothing for our dolls. I loved those days. I love American Girl Dolls, and am so thankful for the positive influence they had on my childhood. 
Feel my Sunlight

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