Day 17

These last few days mark a monumental historic event. It will go down in history, and be written in all the history books of our children. Hostess has closed their doors. Forever. Stores everywhere are freshly cleaned out of all Hostess products. At work today a few people asked me if we had any Hostess products left. I laughed to myself, and told them the were too late, and that I was pretty sure there was nothing left.
This is me eating my last frozen Twinkie. {excuse my crazy hair, I had just woken up.} My mom’s dad was a huge Twinkie fan. My grandpa died of MS before I was born, so we never got to meet him. My grandpa always froze his twinkies, so every year we eat frozen twinkies at his grave on Mamorial day. It just so happens that the day Hostess closed, was my grandpa’s birthday. I can’t wait to meet him someday.
Now, all this talk of my grandpa that passed away brings me to another subject, the one written about by THIS BLOGGER. This is a family friend of ours, who’s husband has had his stomach removed because of Stomach Cancer. He went in to get tests done yesterday, and they found out that the cancer is back and he only has 6-8 months to live. This will be a hard little bit for this family, and I ask you to keep them in your prayers.
I know what you’re thinking….I haven’t said one thing I am thankful for. So here it is, I’m thankful for the lessons that death teaches us about life. We had a lesson in Seminary on November 12th about the things the Savior did in his last days before he died. As he was questioned by Pilate about wether or not he was the King of the Jews, he replied with “I am, even as thou sayest.” (Mark 15:2) To me this teaches us that we should never deny who we are. We must never deny our beliefs, no matter what the circumstances. Jesus didn’t deny his identity, even though he knew that by telling the truth would lead to his crucifiction. In his last days he taught of the sacrament, that we may remember him. (Mark 14:22-5) He put his trust in the Lord. Although he didn’t want to go through this, He knew it was the Lords will. “And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible unto the; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not waht I will, but what tough wilt.” (Mark 14:36)
Through our trials we must trust in the Lord. If we are faithfull it will all work out when we return to live with him. We must live every day as if it were our last. If I only had a short time to live I would forget the worldly things, and spend time with my friends, family, and people close to me. I would tell the people that I love that I love them. I would probubly skip biology…. and attend a few extra periods of Seminary. I would share my testimony with everyone, and make sure that it was recorded, so that it may be shared with future generations. I would spend much less time on pinterest, and facebook. I would want to see my EFY family again, and I would want to do my best to leave my legacy on the world.
Even though we haven’t all been told that our end is comming soon, we must all be living like this, because we never know when our time to move on could come. We can do these things right now. {exept the whole skip biology thing….that could be detramental to my grades.} Now, I ask you to commit, and live the way you would if today was your last day.
Feel my Sunlight

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