Day 19



Today I am thankful for EFY…. I know what you’re thinking…. “EFY?! AGAIN?!” and yes! EFY AGAIN!!! If you have ever read my blog you know that EFY is an obsession of mine. I have only spent two weeks at EFY, and let me tell you, those two weeks were the most life changing two weeks of my entire life. So you can read more about my EFY experiences in other posts, but I’d just like to tell you how thankful I am for the EFY program.

This morning was a hard morning for me. See, we only have two days of school this week, and I wanted nothing more than to head up to Logan for a session of EFY. {That’s pretty much the only thing that ever occupies my brain during my brain’s free time. That, and tumbling.} I know, I know, that is absolutely, ridiculously, unrealistic. But I girl can dream can’t she? Well I was dreaming of EFY, and Utah State, and the best spiritual experiences I have ever experienced. So naturally when I got to both my 5th, and 7th period classes {in both of which we are allowed to listen to iPods} I plugged in my earphones, and heard the sounds of EFY music poring into my ears, and bouncing off my eardrums.

At school during lunch their are often College recruiters that give out different things, along with information about their school. Well last week Utah State Eastern came and psyched us all out. {Ya, I didn’t even know there was an Eastern.} But as I walked into the commons guess what school was there?!?!?!? UTAH STATE!!! The real one!

I was excited! When I couldn’t go to Logan today, Logan came to me! So I took a chap stick, and a pen, and a window sticker, and two pamphlet things about the school, but what I really wanted was the T-shirt.  The T-Shirts where being given out to people who could answer certain questions about the school. Well, I brought the pamphlet back to my little group of friends, and my friend Katie, from Katie’s Korner proceeded to read the entire thing. Later we headed back to the table, and the lady asked a question and Katie got it right! She gave me the T-Shirt, and promised her cake, or cookies, or something.

I was WAY too excited about this T-Shirt! WAY! But it was fun. And I will wear it to school tomorrow.

So today I am thankful for EFY, and Utah State, and my friend Katie, and the fact that I only have 2.75 years of high school left. And weather I am headed to College after that, or headed on a mission, I don’t know, but I do know their are great things ahead of me, and I am excited.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Tomorrow is LATE START! Who is thankful for that?!?! THIS GIRL!!! Plus it is the last day of school this week! DOUBLE THANKFULNESS!!!! 🙂 happy girl

One thought on “Day 19

  1. Katie says:

    Oh thanks girl! My random urge to read the pamplet paid off! That and my hand to head movement that never fails:) I hope you enjoy your amazing T-shirt! Payment in sugar is welcome anytime;) Love you girl!


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