minimum requirements

All my birthdays in my life have just felt like a build up to my 16th year. I hear my friends that are younger than me saying “my 16th birthday is in 100 days!!” Like as soon as you turn 16 you are mature, and can date, and kiss, and drive, and your parents will buy you a nice car, and that someone is supposed to throw you a huge party at a theme park like the one Lilly had on the Hannah Montana movie withe explosives in the cake and a pile of presents as tall as Mount Everest. Well I turned 16 back in September…. And so far nothing has changed. Sure, I may be IN drivers ED, but I still don’t have a license or a car, I didn’t even have a party because I never got around to planning one for myself. I still haven’t been on a single date (I would like to by the way *wink wink*) and no, I have not kissed anyone. Ever. Now this doesn’t particularly bother me, but with my sisters whole making-the-lead-in-the-jr-high-play-&-having-to-“stagekiss”-someone-thing everyone keeps telling me that I need to get on it. Like if I don’t kiss someone soon it may be detrimental to the likely hood I me finding a husband. Well if that’s the case I don’t think I will get married. In my opinion I have time. I am going to let life be awkward, and not stress on things like kissing someone before my sister, or getting a license as soon as I possibly can. Sure that stuff will be nice, but it will happen when it happens. 16 isn’t a magical number, it is just a guide line that sets the minimum requirements.

Feel my Sunlight

P.S. I can’t think of anything to “p.s.” about… So here is a random EFY joke that is reserved for stalling, or for awkward moments… “What do you call a cow standing in tall grass?…..UTTERLY TICKLED!” *crickets chirping*

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