Forever Family

There comes a time for all of us. I don’t know when it will be, or why it will happen. There will come a time when you realize it’s time to part with what you love so dearly. There will come a time when all that you know becomes all that you once knew. Because yesterday you stressed over it, and you hated it at times, but you stuck through, and you moved mountains. It became a part of you. A part that will forever remain a part of you as long as you live. At this moment you will realize that you can’t stay here forever, because there is so much more to do in the world, but you can stay there forever in your heart. And one day, if you’re lucky, you will be given the opportunity to taste it again, though only for a second. You will have to remember that the time is no longer yours, and you have been given this small moment so that you may give this gift to someone new. You will dance the old dance that has been forgotten. You will remember all that was, you will evaluate all that is, and you will look forward to all that may be. A wise teacher once told me as I left a room full of a family I loved dearly “you will forget the people, you will forget what was said, you will even forget me, but you will never forget the feelings you had in this room.” This is true. Now, I went back to that room today. I laughed at some old jokes, I fell into an old accent, and I danced with an old friend. I was with some of the people that were part of that family. Sure we have lost a few along the way, but we are still and forever family. No matter what.

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