Well 2012… it’s been good! This year I student directed a musical. I developed a love for theatre. I entered my first art show. I won my 1st art show. I finished Jr high. I competed at my 2nd national championships. I went to my 2nd session of EFY. I went to my 2nd youth conference. I went to my 4th girls camp. I finished the 21 mile 4th year hike, as well as a sunrise hike to the tallest peak in Utah. I started high school. I turned 16. I met the men and woman’s Olympic gymnastics and power tumbling teams. I went to the Kellogg’s tour of gymnastics championships. I passed my driving test (still waiting for my license though). I went to my first real concert (Carrie Underwood). I learned to play guitar.

It is going to be tough to top that this year. But I will sure try!  

feel my sunlight

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