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“I can see a blog post being written in your head.” My dear friend, Hannah, said to me as we entered the crowded high school hallway to escape the frigged January air. We walked quietly reminiscing on what just happened. It was the final A day of the semester. The final time we would have Brother Fereday as our wonderful seminary teacher, since you can never have the same teacher twice. That class had done us both wonders. We left with that feeling, that feeling of quiet peace that only comes from spiritual moments. We walked away reluctantly because we knew that peace would soon be destroyed by the harsh reality of high school. That kid with the gauges, the ever present “F” bomb, the immodest clothes, It all destroys the spirit. The halls are a hard place to walk some days. I know it sounds dumb, but sometimes I want to cry at the sights and sounds of the high school halls. Some times I want to cry at the fact that nobody ever does anything about it. We just take it with a happy face and pretend it isn’t happening…. but it is, and sometimes our only escape is the safety of the seminary building. I think that’s why I love EFY so much, it is a total escape from the harsh real world, and the closest thing you can get to paradise as a teen. Seminary is the closest we get to EFY thought the year.
This particular semester was eye opening for me. It was my first semester at the high school since Freshman year is included in the Jr. High where I live. I had been told about how bad it was by one of my best friends. I didn’t believe it would be that bad. It was during the first part of the school year when I was sitting in my drivers ed class. The kids around me all started discussing the first time they had ever gotten drunk. “The first time I ever got drunk I was with my mom. BEAT THAT!” “The first time I ever got drunk I was with my GRANDMA!” “Okay I think that wins.” I was shocked as I sank down in my seat with the full intentions of becoming invisible. Realizing the majority of the class would hate me if they ever found out how I felt. I remained invisible for the majority of the semester with only a few comments here and there. This wasn’t the only class I struggled to feel the spirit in this semester. I have heard way to much about the immorality and drugs, and the bad language never stops. So you can imagine the way I felt leaving that class for the last time today. I was so happy I felt like singing! {but I didn’t…. because I didn’t want to have a High School Musical moment.}
Looking at this I wonder why people are like this. We live in UTAH for crying out loud! Isn’t this supposed to be the place filled with wonderful good people that want to bring you casseroles all the time? Isn’t this the place where you call everybody brother and sister and everybody is a child of God? The answer is yes. People just sometimes forget that. It seems as though people in Utah who aren’t LDS want to make sure every body knows it. It makes me sad inside. Even though there is bad, there is also unmistakable good.
Today we had an assembly. Assembles are usually boring and not that interesting {but we like them since we get out of class}. Today’s assembly was different. We had the opportunity to hear from Meg Johnson, an awesome motivational speaker who has been paralyzed from the chest down with out the use of her hands. This was the 2nd time I have heard her speak, and It was just as fun as the first time around. She is so funny and has the greatest ability to find joy in her life. Her story is one everyone should hear and I recommend everyone in need of a little motivation to visit her website or her blog It was just the thing I needed today. So I leave you here so that you may now go click on some of those links and become inspired.  

Feel my Sunlight

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