Happy Single Awareness Day!

So here we are on February 14th. The day of chocolate hearts and red balloons. It has been an odd, yet normal day. Valentines day is just another day same as any else, except people think PDA is acceptable. Again I received no pink roses, but all truth to tell, I think I would feel incredibly weirded out if anyone gave me pink roses today. I’m not very close to very many boys right now and totally okay with it! I’m so cool I eat lunch in my history teachers class room. Boys are swarming me let me tell ya! So I will just blog and listen to On My Own from Les Miserables and sorrow in self pity at my dateless self. See, I usually tell people I am dating a guy named Jim….with the last name of Nastics. {yes say that out loud….whoo! I’m dating Jim Nastics!} But today I am not even going to the gym! What is up with that? So happy Valentines day Jim!
A team mate of mine posted a quote on facebook that I really like so I thought I just might steel it and post it on here.

                        is more than a paper heart
Love is of the very                       
       essence of life
                It is the
 pot of gold at the end of the          
                            –Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley
So the odd part of my day consists hearing of the swat team and tear gas a few streets over and their happenings last night. Exciting stuff! {I think I watch to much Psych…} Me being extremely excited about a project in health {what the?!}, and well, its sugar day!
Happy Valentines day! 
Feel my Sunlight 
P.s. I have two blog post I think you should read by some pretty cool people. Click
HERE and HERE! One might make you cry... fair warning 

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