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Hey bloggy friends of mine! I am coming to you again from my little cubical in computer tech. I am really enjoying all this free time at a computer. So I just thought I’d share with you my favorite conversation with a child as of late. This little boy is about 4 and I teach him tumbling on a weekly basis.

Him- “Teacher, does your TV only play tumbling shows?”
Me- “No my TV plays all kinds of shows.”

So I pretty much died. I can’t ever get over how funny my kids are even if they are little stinkers the majority of the time.

Yesterday I got interested in family history all of the sudden. I know weird right? It’s like old people stuff! But I read about a guy named James Reid…

Birth: Jan. 13, 1816, Scotland Death: Jun. 18, 1886 Smithfield Cache County Utah, USA Son of John Reid and Mary Murray
Married – Elizabeth Cumming, 29 Dec 1843, Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland
Children – James Reid, Elizabeth Reid, George Reid, Mary Reid, John Cumming Reid, Louis Cumming Reid, Margaret Ann Reid, Isabelle Reid, Robert Reid

History –

 When James was age two, his father was lost at sea near Indonesia. Forty years later James embarked on his own ocean voyage across the Atlantic. James, his wife, his mother, his step father and his half brothers, all departed Scotland bound for Salt Lake City. They reached present-day Wyoming by August, giving them plenty of time to reach Utah before snow fell. However, at Ft. Laramie, a bounty hunter mistaking him for a dangerous outlaw, shot and seriously wounded James, forcing the family to stay at the Fort for several weeks. After James began to recover, the family joined the Willie Company’s ill-fated handcart journey across Wyoming.
His birth death dates for James are confirmed by his obituaries.
Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel

Family links:
Elizabeth Cumming Reid (1824 – 1910)
Mary Reid Lindsay (1851 – 1929)*  
Robert Reid (1867 – 1947)*

Now isn’t that exciting? Shot by bounty hungers and his dad lost at sea! My family is pretty cool. Ya so I know what you are thinking…. what a nerd blogging about family history AT SCHOOL! Ha ya call me what you will. I enjoy it.

Please enjoy a picture of the first Apple computer that I had to coppy, paste, and email to my teacher for my test. Tricky stuff.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Is it Friday yet?!?

p.s.s. Today I have reached more people in Ukraine than I have in the United States! Shout out to my Ukrainian readers! 🙂

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