Royal Army & a Swolen Ankle

Hey Bloggers and Bloggetts! How is my world wide network of people that just sits at their computers waiting and thirsting for me to post new pieces of my unimmaginable ammounts of knowledge and my buckets of inspiration?? Wonderful mother that reads every post and occasionally corrects my grammer so that I don’t look illiterate if/when anybody else takes a chance at this humble blog of mine. Whew! Wasn’t that an introduction?!

Well, really how are you? If you were to ask me I would probubly tell you I’m good, even dandy maybe… But the truth? I’m dying on the inside. And no this has nothing to do with me not going to sweethearts, or me and my always and forever “VL” (more on that later). No. this has everything to do with my wonderful Saturday morning workout and a spill that might just cost me my “international” meet. (You have no idea how hard it was to write that last sentence.)

Well it was almost 12:00 exactly. I was working fulls and my coach asked me if I had one more in me. I did (or so I thought). Well I ran, I roundoffed, I back handspringed, and I did something in the air, and well… the rest is history. So here I am with a swolen ankle and a funny limp. The parts that hurts the most is the fact that I have my last local meet in 2 weeks, and the Kalon Ludvigson Invitational (aka The meet with “out of state/out of country” compeditors) the week after! Yes I know it is part of the sport, and yes, I know its life, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Now all I can do is pray and hope I am not out too long.

But really, who am I to complain? Compared to several people not too far from me my life is just roses. My heart goes out to the students at one of the other high schools in our district that recently faced the tragic loss of another suicide. To family and friends of this student, I send you my prayers. I learned of this heart breaking news through one of those social media sights that allows you to grow fake food, and “poke” people. My first thought was “again???” Then my second thought was “wow, look at the world we live in.” Just think back on the last few months and years we have faced as a community, a nation, and as the human race. Think of the shootings, the floods, the natural desastors, the wars, the broken homes, the broken hearts, and the works of the devil. I don’t know about you but I believe the prophecies proclaimed in D&C 88 have begun to come to pass. Now these terrible things are a proof to me that the 2nd coming is inching it’s way around the corner, but the wonderful things are a proof as well. The fact that church memberships have gone from 1.5 million to 14 million in the last 50 years, the fact that missionary work has quickened, and the age to serve has been dropped, the fact that with these growing ammounts of missionaries the church has opened 58 new missions. This is in no doubt a preparation for the final hours. We are his later day army. We must prepare, and begin to fight.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Oh ya…. I was going to talk about the whole “VL” Thing…. haha fail. Ah well, here it goes! For those of you oldies who don’t know… “VL” means “Virgin Lips” aka “Haven’t been kissed” Well it is an on-going joke that my sister will have her “first kiss” before me due to her being the lead in the Jr. High musical. Well not too long ago my sister asked our bishop if it was okay if she kissed a guy if it is for a play. His responce… She must either wrap her lips around her teeth, or she must use seran wrap because their lips must not touch. Now just picture that. They are about to kiss when my sister turns away and pulls a piece of seran wrap out of her pocket an puts it on her lips. When the guy gives her a confused look she states “My bishop said our lips can’t touch or I would have to repent.” He also said that if they do he is going to stand up in the middle of the performance and yell “SUNDAY. 10:00. MY OFFICE!” Now let me ask you, have any of you ever had a conversation with your bishop that was so funny that you were laughing to the point where you were almost crying? Ya, didn’t think so. #mybishopisgreaterthanyourbishop

p.s.s. I’m ready for summer now. All in favor pleas manifest by the uplift of hand. Any apposed by the same sign. Oh how I wish it was that easy.

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