Blueberries & Cranberries & the Occasional Pineapple

Life is not meant to be stressed over. Okay well, maybe a little… but when you know there is nothing in your control that you can do, the best think you can do is let go and stop worrying!
In English right now we are reading Cry, the Beloved Country and I sometimes truggle to do my reading. We have quizzes every day on the chapters that we read. Well on Tuesday I was in class and hadn’t finished my reading. I Read the last question that was something to the likes of…

10. What did the people pray for? 


well I thought “I’m going to fail this anyway right? I might as well enjoy doing it.” So I answered…

“They prayed that the refreshments would nourish and strengthen their bodies, that all the people that weren’t there that week would be there next week, and that when the time comes they would drive home in safety. “




…and then I drew a pineapple…

Which brings me to my second subject…PSYCH! Who watched the season premier? Wasn’t it great? I mean what other TV show have you seen where they destroy a blueberry and a cranberry in the same episode?! These writers are genius.

And speaking of berries, I thought I’d share with you a little conversation I had a while ago. My dad was the ward mission leader and the missionaries were over for dinner one night. My mom had made a fruit salad berries in it. My sister asked me to pass the fruit salad when I looked at her and said all matter of factly
                                        “It’s a berry salad.”

Then after I thought for a second I said… “Wait, are berries fruit?”
I have never lived that down.

I really am so excited for this season of Psych and I am hoping and praying that they don’t pull the whole “lets make a big deal about the new season, then only air 6 episodes before we take a break” like they did last season. I am telling you all the psychos will go psycho. And we sure don’t want that now so we.

So this week I have been going psycho with this whole not being able to tumble thing. It’s killing me. I tried to jump on the trampoline the other day to show my kids how to do strait jumps with their arms by their ears and well, it hurt. So I have been here. In my house. And that eventually resulted in me watching Snow White and a British documentaries about Anorexia and kids with Progeria {I can’t get over how cute they  are} … ya, don’t ask. I got my brace yesterday and wore it all day today. The swelling has gone down {after like 6 whole days} and to tell you the truth it now looks flat and weird. Well, that’s a good sign I guess.

I have one more story for ya before I go clean. The other day I was talking to my mom and my little sister when we started talking about all the great people in the world who failed and were rejected before they finally became successful. Such as JK Rawling whos book was rejected 12 times before it was accepted and eventually became the most successfull book in history, or the two brothers who were fired from their home improvement jobs before they dreamed up the idea of the Home Depot. So we were all sitting there and my sister says…

“Michael Jackson didn’t make his high school basketball team.”

I was laughing so hard I was almost crying. 

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. I have an “international” meet in 15 days…. AHH!

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