{My new facebook profile picture of me on a W… has nothing to do with this post.}

Well… I think it’s a little mean that I am at school right now. Can we please go back to hanging out with the Brits? Who’s with me? All in favor make it manifest… any apposed by the same sign…

Nobody voted against it now who wants to drive me to Salt Lake? {Except Kodee… he is a scary driver.}

Since I have nobody to drive me to Salt Lake I thought I would write up some of my frequently asked questions and give responces to them. If you have more questions feel free to comment.

Q: “How tall are you?”
A: 4′ 9 1/2″
Q: “Are you going to the Olympics?”
A: No. Power Tumbling is not in the Olympics… and I’m not that good…. yet.
Q: {asked by the little children I work with.} “Are you married?”
A: No. How old do you think I am?
A: One kid said 45 the other said 12… I’m 16.
Q: {also asked by the kids I work with} Do you live here? {the gym}
A: No, I live at a house just like you do.
Q: “Can you…”
A: No, I’ll be at the gym.
Q: “can you do a flip.”
A: Yes I can and no I won’t.

So there you have it. I am headed to health now. :/ Post your questions!

Feel my Sunlight

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