“If the teacher
does not           
 the students 
 do not               
            –Mr. Child
We are at the end of third term and we are on our third science teacher. Our first one quit to go live on a cruise ship and the second one was never actually a teacher, just a long term sub. He got his name on our schedules, but never taught the class. Instead, he gave us study guides and we had to teach our selves. We now have a new teacher named Mr. Child. He has already taught us something {whoa! Teach?!? Now that’s something we are not used to.} We might have hope for the end of levels now. Maybe.

So here is my message to all those teachers out there: TEACH! Please don’t rely on the book to do it for you. We’d all really appreciate it.

Now back to the whole “end of the term thing”. Is anyone else really stressed about their grade in Mrs. Brown’s class? I’m pretty sure her goal is to ruin everybody’s GPA. Would somebody please bake the pregnant lady a cake or something so she will be happy when she grades our essays? #shehatesus

That’s all from me! Have a happy Friday tomorrow! {aka the-day-we-were-supposed-to-have-off-but-don’t-because-we-took-a-snow-day-we-didn’t-need-and-now-have-to-make-it-up.}

Feel my Sunlight

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