{me… doing missionary prep… on my blog. WHAT!}

I feel a need to refocus my life on the gospel. This calls for more spiritual posts my peps. I have been slacking on those lately. I guess it is the perfect weekend to accomplish this being conference weekend and all {I am a Later Day Saint and twice a year we tune in to hear what the prophets and leaders of our church speak to us. You can listen to it here when the time comes around this Saturday and Sunday.} I feel pouted with the world and I need to remove myself from it. I have spent too much listening to what the world has to say and not enough EFY type activities. Too much internet and not enough scriptures, too much TV and not enough writing in my journal, too much sleeping and not enough indexing. Does anyone feel the same way? It isn’t like I have been doing anything “bad”, I just could be doing “better”. Because isn’t there always something we could do better?

So we start here. I am committed to refocus my life and my perspective on the things that realy matter. I invite you to join in with me.

I recently came accross a fantastic blog by a fantastic lady. Its called {In The Head Of Al Fox} and yall should check it out. She has a video. This video teaches exactly what we as Later Day Saints believe. I love the temple. This video made me smile. Watch it.

I am going to pretend I am teaching at EFY now, because what else would I do? I aspire to be an EFY counselor one day and so I might as well start sometime. I feel like the opportunity of a mission is approaching soon and wether or not I decide to go, I could use all the practice I can get and I feel like this could be good practice. Feel free to leave any comments or questions and I will do my best to respond as if a missionary would.

I would like everyone to turn to Alma 61 in your scriptures. If you don’t have a book of Mormon with you click here. {Or, if you have never recieved one, and you live near me ask me and I will gladly give you one! If you don’t live near me and would like one request a visit from these cool people and they will bring you one! I promise you won’t regret doing it!}

So now that you all have Alma 61 open we can begin. I ask you to say a prayer in your heart asking for a greater understanding that the spirit might fill in for the gaps I miss.

At this point in time Moroni and Pahoran are sending letters back and forth talking about the government. Moroni has recently rebuked Pahoran for not sending men and threatens to fight against the government. In this chapter Pohorans responds to Moroni in a letter saying that he has been facing rebellion and he asks for military aid against the rebels.

Pohoran says to Moroni that hearing of his afflictions greaves his soul and that he does not joy in hearing these words. He then says “but behold, there are those who do joy in your afflictions.” (61:3)

I ask you, who are those people in your life? Satan is the leader of those who want to make you miserable. He does not want you to be happy and he will do everything he can to make sure you do not have the joy that can be recieved by the gosple. Satin is miserable and he wants you to feel the same way. We can’t let him win.

“He has already lead away the hearts of many people.” (61:4) Especially in this day and age, we are surrounded by those who have already been roped in to the ways of Satan. He uses flattery to make his ways seem more appealing and to make us want it.

He withholds our “provisions” that will help us be fed spiritually. We are fed spiritualy by prayer, and by feasting apon the scriptures. While, he can’t physically hide our scriptures from us, or put you in a prayer-proof room that blocks all signals to our Heavenly Father, he does try to get you to spend more time on Pinterest than needed instead of closing the computer and oppening our scriptures, or he tries to convince you that you are too tired to sit up and say your prayers. His tacktics are subtle and almost go un-noticed if we aren’t watching.

We should not seek for power, but should seek to help the people around us maintain their rights and liberty. (61:9)

We must “Risist wickedness” no matter what it takes. We must not subject ourselves to our enemies and let Satan overtake us. “we should put our trust in [God], and he will deliver us.” (61:13) Satan is everywhere and he wants nothing more than for us to turn our selves over to him. If we trust God to help us, he will deliver us out of the hands of Satan and help us return to live with hime in paradise.

Satan wants to bind us and hold us captive, while the Spirit of God is the spirit of freedom. (61:15)

Pahoran says to Moroni to “Gather together whatsoever force ye can upon your march hiter, and we will go speedily against those dissenters, in the strength of our God according to the faith which is in us.” (61:17)

In our journey back to god we must gather forces to build his army. We can help build his army by sharing our testimony with others. Sharing your testimony can be as big as getting up in testimony meeting, or as little as sending a text message or wearing a young womens madalion or CTR ring, or maybe writing a blog post!

Strengthen yourself that ye may be more fit to fight in his war. You do spiritual pushups every time you open up the scriptures, and spiritual sit ups ever time you kneel to pray, Attending church and the temple are like running laps. Every time you you do these things you arm yourself against the temptations of Satin and you become stronger in the fight.

Now we must not fear, for God will deliver us. (61:21) If we put our faith in him.

I once heard a quote that I loved that went something like:

       as if everything depends on
and work         
as if everthing depends on

We are at war here, but we can’t see the enemy. This is one of my favorite videos of a call to fight. “We are the later day army of Helaman… The battle will be rigrous and his kindom is not going to fail. His power and glory will exceed anything we have ever seen in terms of dramatic finishes, and that’s at least partly because of you.”

I leave you with my testamony that this church is with out a doubt the only true chuch on this earth today. The Gosple of Jesus is true and it has been restored for our day. I know that we can return to live with our father in heaven if we only turn to him. I hope to be as the army of Helaman and to bring the world his truth. I hope you will all join me in a call to righteousness. I love my father in heaven and his son, Jesus Christ, and everything they have done for me. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Congrats to everyone who read that entire thing! That was long!

p.s.s. On that note, lets all skip the rest of the school year and attend an extra long EFY session instead! Who’s with me? All in favor make it manifest by the raise of the right hand…. All apposed make it manifest by the same sign…

haha I wish! I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am for EFY this year! 72 days left!

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