Thirty Six

Well my friends, it is state week. This is the sixth time this statement has been true in my life. Thirty six meets, six of them state meets. It feels odd being one of the “big dogs” as my coach used to call it. I am finially in an unoficial place of leadership on the team. While I may not hold any titles or positions, I feel a need to be an example to the youger kids on the team. When I was their age there were always older kids in the gym that I always looked up to. I followed their every move and dreamed of being just like them someday. This dream has become a reality, and while it hasn’t been as smooth as I would have liked it to, it has been fantastic. There are often times where I am frustraited and confused as to what I want to do. There are times where I don’t want to continue. There have been a few of these moments as of late. Thoughts of doubt and fear. But in these moments I always look for that one little girl standing on the side of the run way watching me. There is always one in the gym. Those moments make you realize how far you have come, and how good you actually are, because a few years ago, that little girl was you.

Now, it is also a special week for my little sister and my friends at the Jr. High. It is Hell week. Yes, I did just write that… sorry bishop. Hell week is what the thetre kids call the week before the musical. This week is a stressful week, but it is one of the most fullfilling weeks for you to experience. I am in photography listening to Aida pandora radio. Aida was the musical we did last year. A Step Too far is playing and memories are flashing through my mind. Memories of the moments before the curtains open… the sweetest moments. Memories of laughter, memories of jokes, memories of feeling like I completely belong, memories of feeling power, love, joy, excitement, adrenaline, and pride in my cast. So if I were to say anything to the cast performing Guys and Dolls next week, I know it has been stressful, I know it has been rough, but please do all you can to soak it all in. Soak in as much as you can and then soak in some more. It feels hard right now, but I promise you will look back on this as one of the greatest moments of your life. For many of you, like me, this may be the last performance you ever do. {well, atleast until my tumbing carrier is over} You are making lasting friendships. Now these friendships may not last, and things may change, but I encourage you to always hold on to the memories. They will get you through even the toughest of times. Break a leg!!!

The bell is about to ring. I don’t want to go to health. If a future me is reading this, and there has been a time machine invented, PLEASE come pick me up and bring me with you! Peace out my friends!

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. Shout out to all the kids with mission calls. You guys rock!

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