things of the week

Whew! I haven’t blogged in a while… like so long that blogger made me enter my password. What is this?! It has been a while, okay well only a week, but it still feels like forever. This week ranged from bombings to surprise parties, to musicals, to tumbling with the world record holder and his team and coach to NOT touching homework. It was a great week with a little bit of not so fantastic parts mixed in. My heart goes out to all of those affected by the tragedies of this week between the bombings in Boston, to the explosions in Texas. We are still thinking about you and are praying for you. Stay strong!
This week we threw a surprise party to one of my best friends, Katie. That was a blast. Happy birthday Katie!{yesterday} Love you so much!
Like I have shared before, my little sister, Danielle. had her musical this week. She was in Guys and Dolls and she played miss Adelide and rocked it. Great job to her and her cast for a great show.
Today I started off with a long meeting with my favorite people. Then tumbling with some of my other favorite people. To day I was at the gym from 9am to 4:30pm. We had a coaches meeting that was good and I learned a lot. Then Justen from team Revolution brought some of his kids down {including Kalon, the world champion.} to tumble with us and coach us for a bit. I always love tumbling with them and really appreciate them taking the time to do it. Thanks so much!

Now this week is over and I am overjoyed! Now, I can’t wait to next week because it just so happens to be PARTY WEEK! I can’t wait! Oh… and it is also the week we start conditioning out side… sorry team. 🙂 Don’t forget your shoes!

Feel my Sunlight


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