snaps and claps

Look at this people! Third blog post in TWO DAYS! I am on a roll! Please check out my fundraiser post! I would love your help if you live near me. Y’all are the greatest.

So can anyone guess where I am? That’s right! Computer tech! My teacher just turned off the “internet” little does she know that blogger still works. {muahaha} So I am blogging. She says we have to do extra credit when we are done. I’m sorry, but I refuse… I already have an A. {I know, I know, I am a terrible student.}

So it is Wednesday. Sadly, it isn’t Friday yet, but we are getting there. Endure to the end my friends. I can’t wait for the weekend to come, why is it so far away? I will stop there so I don’t make any of you cry.

I have spent my time in class scrolling through the pictures of blue lily photo at These guys are pro and I can’t get over how great they are. I have tried to mimic their photography as of late and my photography teacher keeps marking me down saying “your pictures are too light.” Well teacher, all I have to say is “feel my sunlight”. {See what I did there?}

I don’t really know where this post is going. I guess I will leave you with my favorite poem. Last year I was known for always presenting tumbling powems in theatre. I love them and this was my favorite.

Patience is man’s greatest virtue
Or so the saying goes,
A gymnast must have said it,
For a gymnast surely knows.
That in this funny sport of ours
Discouragement runs high,
And at times the very best
Will find the virtue’s passed her by.
When hands are ripped and throbbing
And every muscle sore
Can a gymnast still have patience
To limp back in for more.
Can you admit you’re frightened
Yet not give into fears
Can you conquer pain, frustrations
And often even tears.
When someone else does something
You’ve tried so long to do
Can you feel really glad for her
And not just pity you.
When you’ve lost old moves
You used to do
And progress seems so slow
Can you still have faith in better days
And not feel so sad and low.
And when success seems so far away
Your efforts all in vain
Can you force yourself to wear a smile
And disregard the pain.
If despite these tribulations
You can say, “I won’t give in”
Someday you will discover
That it’s now your turn to WIN.
Snaps and claps people, snaps and claps.
Feel my Sunlight
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