The army stands strong in times of fear.

Hello friends! It has been a few days. I guess that is what happens when I try to get all my computer tech work for the entire unit done in two days. (Turned in! Now I have the rest of the week to do nothing but post in that class! Whoo!)

So a quick update on myself and my fab life would probably start with mentioning that imaginary boyfriend and I are doing well in the sense that our relationship status hasn’t changed one bit. But even though I have been sixteen for eight months now and haven’t been on a single date {COUGH COUGH} I am happy and loving life. I am still weirded out by the fact that FamilySearch already has a spot for my husband. I mean who just “adds a husband”?

Ha I love that family search already has a spot for him. It’s cool to think about really. I mean, he is out there somewhere. What is he doing? Does he ever think about me? If my future husband ever reads this I hope he knows that I expect, and hope that he is fighting on the Lord’s side and that he has joined the army of Helaman. {look teacher! I just foreshadowed something in my writing! *fist bump*} And oh how excited I am to meet you someday. Now like I said, I am happy and enjoying life. I learned something from a fantastic lady this weekend. This is a former teacher of mine that taught me several years ago. She has fought some hard battles including a battle with cancer. She gave me some wise advice that was something I really needed in my life. She told me to be like the little duck that as it surfaces the water, lets the glistening liquid run down it’s neck. She said to the happy one that rubs off on other people, because life is too short to spend your time being sad, and it may be shorter than you think.

{Picture via Google.}

Now those words have stuck with me over the past few days. “Life may be shorter than you think.” It makes me think of the children, and the runners and spectators whose lives have been shortened. These two events, added to thousands of others have brought much fear to the lives of many people. Many people are living in a state of fear that limits what they do. Just yesterday a pipe bomb was found in an elementary school very close to where I live. It hit home when I drove past a bomb squad vehicle on the way to the gym and got there just to hear stories of my teammate’s schools being evacuated. Events like these make you think a little bit about your life. I am reminded of one of my favorite Mormon Messages that has given me great comfort in these difficult times.

I remember wanting to share this message with the many people who stayed home from school that day that the world was supposed to end. Because no matter how difficult the world gets, we will be okay if we only have hope in our father.

Now these huge calamities have startled the peace of the world, but what about the peace of ones soul? This is my favorite talk. It was given last April by Jeffery R. Holland and I listen to it often.

I know with out a doubt that Jeffrey R. Holland is speaking truth. In the last days even the very elect could be deceived if they stray from the iron rod and let fear overtake their lives. The hour is nigh at hand, but we still have work to do. Do not fear, and do not let the influence of Satan govern the way you live your life. We are the army of Helaman.

{Pic via google}

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. I know that was long, but I really hoped you watched all of those videos since my words are no where near as powerful as the words of our wonderful prophets. Stay strong army, stay strong.

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