shout outs

That is my bio that appeared in the 2013 Shades Literary Magazine. Read it again. Apparently I am a competitive power and tumbler now. I’m a competitive power people. I became a dictator. I know, you are all shocked.
I had two pictures that were entered into this years shades magazine for my school and this Thursday was Shades night. I had a blast going with the lovely Katie. We had a blast and I have to say I love this chick. Shout out to her and her awesomeness.

On Friday I went to the 16th birthday party of a good friend of mine. I love her to death! Happy Birthday Kami! Love ya!

Yesterday I had a party of my own that was very much fun. I loved getting to catch up on all the people I haven’t seen I a while. Thanks to everyone who came! And to all you boys that said you would come, but didn’t, I hope you step on a lego.

Today is Sunday. The best day of the week! I went to a mission farewell today and can I just say the work of the Lord is taking place. I love seeing all of these fantastic people serve missions. You are all great examples to me and I can’t wait until I am in your place in a few years.

And now to congratulate B on getting engaged! I am so excited for you! I am super bummed that your wedding is the same day as girls camp. I love you to death and you are such a great example to me. Congrats!

So that is basically all my friends. I hope you enjoyed it.

Feel my Sunlight

p.s. I still haven’t been on a date… Cough Cough.

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