Vegas and Regional Championships

I’m home now. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. Vegas was fun. St. George was partly pukish. I have to go to school tomorrow and I know how I feel about that. {pukish}

I had a good meet. I hit my passes okay and ended up in 8th overall out of 10 different states. I wasn’t pumped about my ranking, but wasn’t disappointed with it either. It was a good meet and I had fun running around with my comp friends. I’m not kidding when I say I make more friends at tumbling competitions than I do at school.

Photo: Our new friend Stephen from Washington
Sid and I made a new friend from Washington. His name is Stephen. That is Marissa in the background. I met her at a tumbling competition as well. We are BFFs now.

Here are a few other pictures from this weekend. Notice how there are no pictures of me on the podium. This is because someone had the bright idea that only the top 6 should get awards. Ya, I know.

Photo: M & M NASCAR
M&M world
Midnight dinner on Friday {because that’s how Flipside always rolls. At least it wasn’t Denny’s.}
Photo: Gene Simmons and Ironman?
Gene Simmons, Iron man, and a ninja turtle I think… not sure.
Well I guess I should be done now. I have a few essays to write, and a whole bunch of stuff to unpack. Oh and it’s a school night. :/  Read your scriptures, say your prayers, choose the right, return with honor, and so on, and so forth, and what not, and what have you. Love y’all
Feel my Sunlight
p.s. I’m ready for a good long session of EFY. Kj? Randi? I need some EFY inspiration. Vegas deprived me.

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