Blog Swap! {Hannah}

Today is the day I said goodbye to sugar. I got up this morning to the aroma of a  cupcake scented scentsy. This may prove to be harder than I previously thought. 44 days my friends, 44 days.

So my friend Hannah and I decided to swap blogs today. She is awesome. Read this post then go read my post on her blog HERE.

Blog Swap!

Hey guys! I’m Whitney’s over dramatic, slightly sarcastic friend Hannah Hancock. Whit and I are dong blog swap! I’m writing on her blog and she’s writing on mine! It’s gonna be so fun! 🙂
When you are a little girl, you dream about being a princess, finding your prince, and living happily ever after in a castle. Now, this has always just been considered a fairy take, something that you could only achieve in your wildest dream. I mean for goodness sakes we can’t all be Kate Middleton! (But Prince Harry is still available so there’s still hope!) 😉
However, we Mormon girls are lucky. We are daughters of a King, our Heavenly Father, so we are all princesses! We can have it all! Once you find the prince you get to pick which castle you get married in. That’s right. There’s more than one, actually more like 141 and counting!
The temple is a sacred place where the Lord teaches, guides, and blesses us. It is the Lord’s house and on the outside of ever temple is inscribed, “Holiness to the Lord. The house of the Lord.” Temples are the most sacred place on earth and I love them so much!
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has built these beautiful temples all over the world and I feel the need to share their beauty with all of you! And so, without further a due, here are just some of the gorgeous temples from around the world!
Campinas Brazil
Logan Utah
Manhattan New York
Manila Philippines
Melbourne Australia
Oakland California
St. George Utah
Guadalajara Mexico
Bountiful Utah
Hong Kong China
Vancouver British Columbia
Salt Lake City Utah
{All images from}

I love the temple and I love sharing about it too!
If you want to know more about temples, click HERE
If you want to know more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, click HERE
Thanks for letting me take over your blog, Whit! Love you!

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